Sunday, November 25, 2012

China and Pro-Wrestling

As everyone knows, China has been a regular topic in the news these days. It's the most populated country in the world, and has the second-largest economy. With that said, I'm surprised that the Chinese market isn't being utilized as much as it could be as far as pro-wrestling is concerned. The fan interest is definitely there- according to Internet information provider Alexa, China makes up a notable amount of regional traffic going to the official website of WWE.

Currently, there is only one promotion based in China, and it is an affiliate of ZERO1. It was a smart move for ZERO1 to form a relationship with a China-based promotion, as opposed to attempting to succeed there on their own. Networking is vital when it comes to doing business in China. It would be beneficial for other promotions outside of China to increase their involvement with the Chinese market, or for members of the industry who live in China to create additional promotions. Considering the size of China's market, they could potentially become a large pro-wrestling scene.

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