Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pro-Wrestling Interviews

In 2003, I began running my own website, World Wrestling Optimum, which consisted of news, articles, and interviews. My eBook, "Pro-Wrestling Interviews" contains interviews that I conducted for the website, along with an interview that I conducted in 2009 for the HULKAMANIA- Let the Battle Begin tour.

The featured interviews are with Alex Shelley, Angel Orsini Interview, Annie Social, Brandi Alexander, Cassidy Riley, Chris "The Brain" Kurtis, Craig Johnson (Jon Horton), Crusher, Dickie Rodz, Dusty Wolfe, Hawaiian Warrior, HWA Promoter, Josh Prohibition, Kenn Phoenix, Kronik, Lenn Oddity, Les Thatcher, Lotus, Mad Man Pondo, Matt Bentley, Matt Cross ("MDogg20"), Ms. Amy Lee, Navajo Warrior, Nigel McGuinness, Persephone, Solofa Fatu Jr. (Rikishi) for the HULKAMANIA- Let the Battle Begin tour, Tara Bush, Tony Atlas, Valley Doll, and Vik Dalishus.

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