Sunday, January 6, 2013

TNA Takes International Scouting to Another Level

Both WWE and TNA are no strangers to scouting internationally for new talent. WWE has tryouts outside of the United States, and they even have a division (WWE International) that is responsible for scouting globally. Meanwhile, TNA hosts, "Gut Check" seminars in Canada, where they observe potential new TNA talent.

However, TNA recently took their scouting one step further by starting a television show that focuses on scouting. "TNA British Boot Camp" is a Jeremy Borash-produced reality program based in the UK that premiered on January 1st, which features four UK-based talents competing for a TNA contract. The contestants are familiar faces to UK fans: Rockstar Spud (who was featured in one of my previous blog posts), The Blossom Twins, and Marty Scurll. PROGRESS Wrestling is also featured in an episode. To help the contestants along, two mentors are provided: Rollerball Rocco (who wrestled for 19 years all over the world) and Hulk Hogan (who knows what it takes to be a superstar both inside and outside the ring).

"TNA British Boot Camp" is a great concept, and I think it's safe to assume that although there are many talents in the UK who are making a living wrestling in their home country and are satisfied with that, the majority of them would jump at the opportunity to work for TNA. After all, pro-wrestling is a business, and the goal in any business is to make it to the top. In today's industry, WWE and TNA are the two companies that have that distinction.

With that said, it would benefit TNA to branch out beyond the UK's shores with this concept. Japan and Mexico bring styles to the pro-wrestling industry that are very unique and would be an asset to TNA. Puroresu and lucha libre have been utilized in TNA in the past, but only via various X Cup tournaments. The WCW cruiserweight division was a great example of how talent from Japan and Mexico can be used on a regular basis. They would wrestle talent that was already on the WCW roster, giving fans new, different, and exciting matches to watch.

TNA would need to bring in someone with knowledge of the Japan pro-wrestling scene in order to use this concept in Japan, but they already have someone who can aid in this concept being done in Mexico- Hernandez has 16 years of wrestling experience, has wrestled in Mexico, and also has promoting experience (which means he likely has an eye for talent).

"TNA British Boot Camp" can be just the beginning of a worldwide recruiting endeavor if TNA desires to go that route, with, "TNA Japanese Boot Camp" and, "TNA Mexican Boot Camp" shows. The potential is definitely there, and would benefit TNA long-term.

If you live in the United Kingdom, tune in to "TNA British Boot Camp" on Challenge TV on Tuesday nights, so that you can find out who will get a contract by TNA and have a chance to be a part of the TNA World Tour this month at London's Wembley Arena.

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