Tuesday, August 13, 2019

[YMZ] Summer Festival 2019 8/12/19

I attended YMZ', "Summer Festival 2019" event on August 12 in Tokyo. YMZ is a small Tokyo-based promotion that began in 2013 and is owned by Kaori Yoneyama. She has been a very successful wrestler throughout her career, holding championships including the AJW Championship, the High Speed Championship, the JWP Openweight Championship, and the Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship.

YMZ is a comedy-style promotion, and the comedy matches are funny, which unfortunately isn't always the case with comedy in pro-wrestling. And at annual, "Summer Festival" events, the wrestlers who are at the event and fans participate in a Bon dance after all of the scheduled matches take place.

YMZ doesn't have a talent roster (although they do have a staff of course, which includes Masaki Arita, who is in charge of music and video for YMZ), so the specific wrestlers who are at each YMZ event varies from one show to the next. There are some wrestlers who are at YMZ events often however, including Makoto, who has been seen in many notable promotions, including PURE-J where she is currently a Daily Sports Tag Team Champion.

Along with the wrestlers who are at YMZ events often, there are also occasional appearances by very notable talents. At the August 12 event, the main event was a mixed six man tag team match that included Hikaru Shida and Rina Yamashita. I have covered Shida's career before, and currently, she is preparing for the next stage of her career as she moves to United States this fall to wrestle full-time for AEW.

Rina Yamashita began wrestling on YMZ events this year, but she has been wrestling for the past 5 years, and has appeared in notable companies such as NOAH, AJPW, WAVE (where she was Regina Di WAVE Champion), Sendai Girls, JWP (where she was Princess Of Pro Wrestling Champion), PURE-J, and DDT. Yamashita is not well known outside of Japan, most likely because she has not wrestled outside of the country yet. Whether it is a match with the main focus being wrestling skill, brawling, or comedy, Yamashita can do it all, so it is only a matter of time before she makes a big name for herself in Japan, or even outside of it as well if Yamashita decides to branch out.

If you enjoy comedy-style wrestling, you should definitely check out YMZ. And even if don't enjoy comedy-style wrestling, give YMZ a chance, because they might change your mind. The comedy style adds to the entertainment of a match when it is performed by wrestlers who can wrestle. The talents at YMZ events definitely fit that definition.

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