Saturday, August 3, 2013

Patricia Summerland ("Sunny" from GLOW) Interview

A pro-wrestling fan during her childhood, Patricia Summerland eventually entered the pro-wrestling industry with the encouragement of her father. As a result, Patricia joined the GLOW roster during season 3 as, "Sunny".

Q: Why did you enter the pro-wrestling industry?

A: my father always took us to the Olympic Auditorium since I was a baby. I was in the Destroyer mask at 3 mos old. I got into GLOW because my father was watching it on TV and called me out to watch it. He said you should do this ..and my response was no -way dad they would kill me ..haha sure enough I ended up sending in my picture and auditioned. I can say the rest speaks for it self.

Q: What was the best part about working for GLOW?

A: The Fans ..and to learn that anything you put your mind and will power to you can do. The girls of course too. Matt Cimbers the director was the best!

Q: What are your thoughts on the following former G.L.O.W. members: A: CORPORAL KELLY - She was a doll ..and to wrestle even better. A great woman.

MTV - She was the hyper one of us all ..loved her too.

HOLLYWOOD - The bully ..tough girl then ..but she and I wrestled alot n the ring. Always in character.

VINE - She gave me the leg split ..ouch ..also a great entertainer. Always in character.

DAVID MCLANE - He was ok was not around when our season was up we had Johnny C. as announcer.

Q: Which do you feel was your best match in GLOW?

A: The one with Beastie. It was very challenging to be in a pile driver every time. It's a move that I finally got wheeled out by the paramedics on tour.

Q: Which was your favorite match in GLOW?

A: I had many favorites ..that's a given ..I think the one with BIG BAD MAMA ...she had my sunny doll and put me in a spell had to do whatever she did w/ my doll in the ring, FUN and Challenging.

Q: Have you done any wrestling since GLOW?

A: Yes ..I trained many girls and had a few matches that my fans paid for me to wrestle again. Hollywood was the chosen one for me to wrestle (my choice). I won that match that was in 2011.

Q: Throughout the years, many female wrestling promotions have come and gone, but none of them made an impact like GLOW did. To this day, GLOW remains the all-time favorite of many women's wrestling fans. In your opinion, what was it about GLOW that has made it stand out from other female wrestling promotions?

A: We were the real deal for woman's wrestling entertainment and slogans and skits in-between (slapstick) like Hee Haw. The acrobatic moves we performed was and still not used to this day. The characters that we portrayed are identifiable to all girls and woman.

Q: Were you a wrestling fan before you were involved with GLOW?

A: Yes ..but mainly I became a wrestler because of my dad who wanted to see me become a superstar. He passed away on a very important match and never got to see me wrestle.

Q: Comparing the view of female wrestling during the existence of GLOW to the view of female wrestling in the year 2013, do you feel that female wrestling is more respected? Also, do you feel that the quality of female wrestling has improved?

A: I think it is a respected business always for woman now .. The quality is gone down in my opinion in some cases of sexual exploit of the girls and woman. The men still shine more and get more out of it than the woman as far as work and money and merchandise.

Q: Currently, former GLOW director Matt Cimber is working on a new female wrestling promotion named Femme d’Action. Do you see it having a bright future?

A: I would like to see it work for all of us girls ..anything Matt does turns to gold.

Q: Who is your favorite wrestler?

A:Besides me ...the Russian Nino and Debbie Debutante ..she trained us as well as Nino. Always MT. FIII ..she was the best!!

Q: What did you like the most about being a pro-wrestler?

A: The fans and fame of television and to be able to show people of all in the world ..woman can do anything in sports and compete and perform to their best ability ..not just be a housewife in the world.

Q: How much of PATRICIA was a part of the Sunny character? Or do you feel that Sunny and Patricia are like night and day?

A: I am SUNNY ..Other than I am not blond anymore (I do have my blond moments) lol .

Q: Who would you have liked to wrestle, that you did not?

A: That would be Mt Fiji ..she was on my side ..haha

Q: What is your long-term goal?

A: To live life to the moment. ..and be the best role model to all girls and woman out there. I am a mom and grandmother now but still participate in all sports and also of course WRESTLING FOREVER. We are all champions in the ring!!