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More About Me

Since the, "About Me" section of this blog is limited to a specific amount of characters, I decided to write a post that discusses more about what I have done in the pro-wrestling industry, beginning with when I first started in it and leading up to now.

Technically, I started back in the 1990s, contributing to, "Pro Wrestling Illustrated" and then, "Pro Wrestling Torch". In 1997, I contributed to The Official Website of the NWO. That same year, I briefly published my own newsletter, "The Wrestling Express".

In 1998, I taught myself how to design websites, and served as a consultant for various independent promotions. That next year, I worked as a website designer/maintainer for Dylan Summers (Necro Butcher) who was running the Texas-based Power Pro Wrestling Federation, and later was involved with Texas Outlaw Promotions.

During the period of 2000-2002, I was involved in many different projects at once. I was working as a website designer/publicist for talent, contributing to, writing columns for independent promotions and the website of former WCW star The Stro, and writing for a variety of pro-wrestling media sites (including and In 2003, I began running my own website, World Wrestling Optimum, which consisted of news, articles, and interviews.

In 2004, I started working for the Michigan-based Ultimate Championship Wrestling as a publicist/columnist. They were an affiliate of American Wrestling Association Superstars Of Wrestling, and I soon became the publicist/columnist of the main governing body of AWA as well. During my time working for UCW, I played a major role in bringing in new talent, due to over the years my having had come into contact with many talents being underused and going unnoticed in the industry. Also, attendance increased by a significant amount.

In 2005, I started doing a column for 3PW. With DVDs sold nationwide, they had the potential to become much bigger than they already were at the time, and were very open to my ideas. I pushed for many changes behind-the-scenes. I had encouraged management to improve the production quality of their DVDs, which led to them dealing with a different production company. 3PW management had planned on waiting for its fan base to increase before getting TV for 3PW. I explained how getting TV for 3PW is what would increase its fan base, and I was then given the green light to find networks that were interested. Two networks were very interested, and I encouraged 3PW management to meet with them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the owner of the company instead opted to shut 3PW down, due to losing interest. Working for 3PW put me in connection with the UK-based 1PW, who I worked as a columnist for.

After 3PW shut down, I began working as a publicist for independent promotions, including CHIKARA. I also worked as a columnist for CZW. Interestingly though, it was 2006 at this point yet I was still most recognized for the work that I had done for 3PW and AWA/UCW.

In 2007 I started working as a columnist for XCW, a promotion that was seen nationally on MAVTV, had a national DVD deal, and also had PPV events. Working for a promotion of national status was my biggest achievement at that point, and two years later I reached a bigger achievement- Big Japan Pro-Wrestling. Along with working for them as a columnist and an Administrator for their Facebook page, I helped bring Big Japan Pro-Wrestling together with Combat Zone Wrestling to form a working relationship after a previous working relationship between the two promotions had fallen apart. This new working relationship led to Big Japan Pro-Wrestling having its first event in the United States.

In October 2009 I assisted publicity & promotions company MGM Management with the HULKAMANIA- Let the Battle Begin tour by distributing their press release to pro-wrestling news sites that are popular with Australian fans, and conducting an interview with Solofa Fatu Jr. (better known as, "Rikishi"). Also, in 2012 I wrote a number of columns for Women Superstars United.

In May 2018 I did social media for Great North Wrestling.

In April and May 2021, I did blogging and social media for Kyushu Pro Wrestling. During that time, the promotion gained 220 new subscribers and 52,746 new views on its official YouTube channel.

Recently, I have done blogging and social media for Yanagase Pro Wrestling. Since the time I began writing for them, Yanagase Pro Wrestling announced an event at a 600-seat venue. All previous Yanagase Pro Wrestling events took place at a 50-seat venue.

I have also recently written for the China-based Middle Kingdom Wrestling in a Publicist capacity. My work is an essential piece in the multilingual activation, with it being adapted to traditional Chinese for readers in China. I am the first native English writer who has written for a Chinese wrestling organization in history.

In 2019 I began writing for Michinoku Pro Wrestling, in charge of international wrestling. Since the time that I began writing for them, Michinoku Pro stopped choosing Shin-Kiba 1st Ring for its Tokyo events and began focusing on the much larger Korakuen Hall for its Tokyo appearances. The Korakuen Hall is known as a place where many historical moments in the Japanese pro-wrestling scene have occurred. It's to Japan what Madison Square Garden is to the pro-wrestling scene in the United States. Michinoku Pro had a sellout, standing-room-only event on December 13, 2019 at the Korakuen Hall. The event had an attendance of 1,890. That was the highest reported attendance at the Korakuen Hall to date for a pro-wrestling event since April 2015.

I am open to new writing opportunities:

- News and articles
- Creative writing
- Promotional writing
- Website content

I offer:
- Sponsored content & event coverage
- Social media promotion
- International audience

This blog is now included in Google News, which has over 11 million visits every day, giving your product the opportunity to be promoted in front of millions.

Samples of my work:

I graduated from university with a major in Business and a minor in Computer Applications, which makes me an asset not only as a writer but in a business and technological capacity as well.

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Wrestler Spotlight: Rasse - Aerial Skills and Physical Prowess 

A veteran of the pro-wrestling industry since July 2002, a former championship holder, and an international competitor, Rasse has called Michinoku Pro his home for most of his career. Rasse has been most recognized for having a fast-paced style featuring an aerial offense, which makes him a perfect fit for Michinoku Pro's unique environment that spotlights fast-paced junior heavyweight action. In recent years, Rasse utilizes the strength advantage that he often has in matches, using power moves and submissions on his opponent.

It's rare to see Rasse in singles action, being that he is a very accomplished tag team wrestler. Rasse won the Tohoku Tag Team Championship in 2007 and 2012 with two different partners, and he won the Chiba Six Man Tag Team Championship a record three times in 2019 with Yapper Man 1 and Yapper Man 2.

Although Rasse mainly wrestles in Michinoku Pro, he has also appeared in other prominent promotions during his career, wrestling on NJPW and BJW television shows in 2006. Wrestling in these promotions with styles distinct from Michinoku Pro's showed Rasse's ability to appeal to diverse wrestling fans, highlighting his versatility as a talent. And in 2015, Rasse wrestled in promotions located in other parts of Asia as well as in Europe and Australia, further showing his versatility.

Despite Rasse's tag team championship success that has solidified his place in the world of Japanese professional wrestling, and matches that Rasse has had overseas where he has demonstrated to pro-wrestling fans outside of Japan what he can do in the ring, many fans have not seen Rasse in action. He wrestled overseas during a time that streaming was not as recognized as it is today, and for many years it has been difficult to see the Michinoku Pro product outside of Japan. That will change in March, when Michinoku Pro will expand its international reach as it joins the ranks of WRESTLE UNIVERSE.

So, whether you're a longtime fan of Michinoku Pro or someone who appreciates wrestlers who have movesets that include aerial and power moves, Rasse is a talent to check out. He has given over two decades to the pro-wrestling industry and continuously is a wrestler who Michinoku Pro can count on to entertain its audiences.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

[HERO][PREVIEW] AJPW star and Japanese legend Atsushi Onita Appearing at the 4/27/24 Tokyo Event!

HERO was launched in February 2010, and at the time they were known as “DEAF JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING HERO”, due to the fact that their goal was to create events that would serve as a bridge between the hearing impaired and people who are not hearing impaired. In August 2016, the promotion’s name was changed to “HERO: Barrier-Free Pro-Wrestling”, with their target audience becoming not only the hearing impaired but also the visually impaired, people who use wheelchairs, and pro-wrestling fans in general.

HERO’s roster includes hearing-impaired wrestlers who compete in matches with the other wrestlers, which shows that HERO’s, “barrier-free” attitude even extends to the ring. HERO events also feature familiar faces, which will happen again on Saturday, April 27 at Shinkiba 1stRING (1-6-24 Shinkiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo), with the event starting at 6:45 PM (doors will open at 6:15 PM). This HERO event will feature a legend of the ring, as Atsushi Onita will be one of the competitors! He is currently a co-holder of the All Asia Tag Team Championship in AJPW.

Atsushi Onita rose to fame in the pro-wrestling industry as a result of his many successes, which included winning the NWA International Junior Heavyweight Championship (a record three times), the AWA Southern Tag Team Championship, the FMW Double Championship (a record seven times), and the FMW Six Man Street Fight Tag Team Championship. Onita is also credited with helping the hardcore / deathmatch style become popular in Japan.

And when Atsushi Onita comes to Shinkiba 1stRING on April 27, he will be teaming with Tomoryu (as seen in FMW) and two mystery partners to go against Wild Bear (as seen in ZERO1 and FMW), Wild ZERO, Guts Ishijima (as seen in Michinoku Pro, DDT, Ice Ribbon and WAVE), and Takuya Kaiwa in a, "Barbed Wire Board Street Fight Death" match!

In other action, former ZERO1 International Junior Heavyweight and NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Mineo Fujita will face former BJW Junior Heavyweight Champion Kaji Tomato.


- Shota Nakagawa (as seen in AJPW, DDT, BJW, and WAVE)

- Kuma Arashi (as seen in AJPW, BJW, ZERO1, and FMW)

- Andy Wu (as seen in AJPW, DDT, BJW, ZERO1, and FMW)

- Black Avalon

- Makoto (former ICExInfinity Champion)

- Shigeo Kato (as seen in Michinoku Pro, DDT, and BJW)

- Tomonori Chiba (as seen in FMW)

and others

More matches will be officially announced in the coming weeks as HERO 40 draws closer. HERO events are operated by GPS Promotion, and tickets for HERO 40 can purchased at the GPS Web Shop here.

Monday, February 26, 2024

[ESW] 3/15 Card Update! ESW Interstate Championship on the Line!

The card for Empire State Wrestling Tough Luck continues to grow, and all of the action will take place on Friday, March 15 at the Frontier Fire Hall (2176 Liberty Drive, Niagara Falls, N.Y.), with the doors opening at 6pm and the show starting at 7pm. The ESW Interstate Championship will now be on the line, as the new champion Spencer Slade will defend it against internationally traveled talent Sean Legacy, who spent most of 2023 wrestling in Japan for NOAH.

Sean Legacy has also appeared in AEW.

ESW Interstate Champion Spencer Slade prides himself on his ability to outwork competition, so while Slade's match with Sean Legacy will be a true test, that's exactly what Slade wants.


A special meet & greet featuring legends and former World Tag Team Champions Demolition!

Kevin Blackwood (ESW Heavyweight Champion)
Jason Hotch (TNA star)

Bill Collier (as seen in AEW)
Gregory Iron (as seen in Championship Wrestling From Hollywood)

James Sayga
Nick Ando (as seen in XPW)

For those of you who will be in New York on March 15 and can attend this event at the Frontier Fire Hall, tickets can be purchased here.

If you will be unable to be in New York on March 15, you can see, "ESW Tough Luck" LIVE via IndependentWrestling.TV, a livestreaming platform available on Android, iOS, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and online.

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Michinoku Pro Is Coming to WRESTLE UNIVERSE!

Michinoku Pro was introduced to new audiences in the 1990s by Kaientai Deluxe making appearances in ECW and WWE. And now, one of pro-wrestling's most unique companies will further expand its international reach as it officially joins the ranks of WRESTLE UNIVERSE in March! This marks a monumental moment for both Michinoku Pro and WRESTLE UNIVERSE, bringing a fresh wave of excitement to the world of online wrestling as Michinoku Pro will become one of the latest companies to increase in visibility while utilizing streaming services to reach a wider audience, reshaping how wrestling content is distributed and consumed internationally.

Michinoku Pro was founded by The Great Sasuke in his hometown of Iwate, Japan. The company is named after the north-eastern area of the Tลhoku region, which was called "Michinoku" ("end of the road") in ancient times. Michinoku Pro is dedicated to bringing pro-wrestling to Iwate, and most of its events take place there. In the beginning, Michinoku Pro was a small operation with only a few staff members. Since then, the company has seen much success. Michinoku Pro DVDs are sold in stores nationwide, and Michinoku Pro drew a sellout, standing room only crowd of 1,890 at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo in December 2019, which was the highest reported attendance at the Korakuen Hall for a pro-wrestling event since April 2015. Also, the company has been running shows for over 30 years, when the average lifespan of a promotion is 10 years.

Michinoku Pro's style is a combination of the traditional Japanese style with the lucha libre style, as many of the matches in Michinoku Pro feature high-flying and fast-paced action. And while most promotions in Japan and other parts of the world utilize a junior heavyweight championship as a midcard championship, Michinoku Pro utilizes its Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship as the top championship in the company, as well as its only currently active singles championship. With the Michinoku Pro roster mainly consisting of junior heavyweights, athleticism is one of the main aspects of matches at a Michinoku Pro event, with the wrestlers performing moves that are best done by junior heavyweights. And the company features a roster of talent that consists of names that fans outside of Japan know, as well as ones they SHOULD know!

Joining WRESTLE UNIVERSE provides Michinoku Pro with a global platform to showcase their unique brand of wrestling to a wider audience that up to now has only read and seen pictures of what Michinoku Pro has to offer. For WRESTLE UNIVERSE, Michinoku Pro's arrival will add another layer of diversity and excitement to its already-impressive lineup of promotions that caters to a wide range of fan preferences and has something for everyone who enjoys Japanese wrestling.

Michinoku Pro's arrival on WRESTLE UNIVERSE will be a game-changer for both parties, as Michinoku Pro will reach new heights while WRESTLE UNIVERSE will solidify its position as one of the premier destinations for Japanese wrestling. It's safe to say that WRESTLE UNIVERSE is ready to impress the world in 2024, with Michinoku Pro taking it to another level. A free trial of WRESTLE UNIVERSE is currently available, and you can start it here.

Saturday, February 24, 2024

[World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana / Prominence] Risa Sera Homecoming Show on 3/3 at Seranishi Town Center

Active since 2011 and founded by former WWWA Champion Kyoko Inoue, World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana features a mix of legends and new-generation talent, making it a promotion that has something for everyone who enjoys women's wrestling. Shining out of the corona pandemic, Prominence is a promotion that mainly features women wrestlers and blends together hardcore wrestling, technical wrestling, and comedy. On Sunday, March 3rd at Seranishi Town Center (〒722-1701 3381 Oguni, Sera-cho, Sera-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture) with a 1:00 pm start time (doors will open at 12:00 pm), Diana and Prominence will co-present the Risa Sera Homecoming Show. This show will feature a homecoming match for Risa Sera, a native of Sera, Hiroshima.

Risa Sera is a 2-time former ICExInfinity Champion (the top singles championship in Ice Ribbon), with her second reign being the second-longest in the history of the championship. Sera has also seen success in Stardom, where she has held the Artist Of Stardom Championship. Currently, Sera is a co-holder of the WAVE Tag Team Championship, with this being her second reign. Sera is also the leader of Prominence, a unit that produces the shows of the same name. So, Risa Sera will be making her homecoming as a successful and notable member of the pro-wrestling industry. And in the main event of Sera's homecoming show, she will team with Miran (as seen in Stardom, Ice Ribbon, and PURE-J), and former AJW star Jaguar Yokota to face Kyoko Inoue, fellow Prominence member and former Ice Ribbon star Akane Fujita, and Nanami (as seen in Stardom, ZERO1, Ice Ribbon, Sendai Girls, WAVE, and PURE-J).


Haruka Umesaki (World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana World Champion)
Nao Ishikawa (as seen in Stardom, DDT, and Ice Ribbon)
Yuma Makoto
Mizuki Kato

Miyako Matsumoto (former International Ribbon Tag Team Champion)
Mochi Natsumi (Prominence member and former International Ribbon Tag Team Champion)
Ayako Sato (former Daily Sports Tag Team Champion)
Deborah K (as seen in ZERO1 and WAVE)

Hiragi Kurumi (Prominence member and former ICExInfinity Champion)
Himiko (as seen in ZERO1, Ice Ribbon, WAVE, and PURE-J)

You can get tickets by going to the Diana Store here.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

[YPW][TwitCasting] Yanagase Pro Wrestling on 2/24 LIVE

One day after the ladies of Ladius are in action, YPW will bring their men's division to SPORTS BAR M's Cafe this Saturday, February 24, with the event starting at 19:30 Japan Time. Every month, Yanagase Pro Wrestling is broadcast LIVE on TwitCasting, a livestreaming service based in Japan that has over 33 million registered users worldwide.

The card will be as follows:

Kenta Kosugi (as seen in BJW and ZERO1)
Mari Manji (from the Ladius division)
Kubota Brothers (former NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Champions)

Yanagase Kamen Fuerza (as seen in ZERO1)
Jack Kennedy (as seen in DDT, BJW, and ZERO1)
Lowther (as seen in DDT, AJPW, and BJW)
Rekka (as seen in Michinoku Pro, NJPW, AJPW, DG, and BJW)

"3WAY", match
JADE (as seen in AJPW)
Gaia Hox (as seen in Michinoku Pro and BJW)
Convoy Nishio

Yanagase Pro Wrestling was founded in 2017 and presents 3 - 4 events per month (with 2 of them being Ladius events), the final event of the year being an annual Christmas Special. Along with YPW's own talented roster, its events also feature stars of the Japanese wrestling scene who have had impressive accomplishments outside of YPW. All YPW events can be watched live via TwitCasting and are available to watch in full for the following two weeks after the live broadcast.

To learn more about Yanagase Pro Wrestling and Ladius, check out my closer look at Yanagase Pro Wrestling.