Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The Future of Wrestling: How AI, VR, and the Metaverse Will Change the Game

The world of wrestling is on the cusp of a seismic shift. While scoop slams and suplexes are the most common tactics in wrestling today, tomorrow they will be accompanied by another common tactic: technology. AI, VR, and the metaverse are poised to transform not just how we watch wrestling, but how it's created, experienced, and even lived.

AI will basically become the ultimate tag team partner of the wrestling industry. Imagine a personalized training program designed by an AI that analyzes a wrestler's strengths and weaknesses. Or a virtual coach who critiques a wrestler's promos. AI is no longer science fiction; it's the future of athlete development, and wrestling is prime for its engagement.

Every seat will feel like a front-row seat. In fact, VR headsets will transport fans to the heart of the action, making them feel like they're inches away from the flying fists and aerial maneuvers. They will feel the energy of the crowd and the impact of the canvas. VR isn't just about watching; it's about experiencing. Today, VR headsets create a 360-degree visual and auditory experience that tricks the brain into thinking you're actually there. And a tech named, "haptic feedback" uses vibrations, forces, or textures to create the illusion of touch. So in the future, VR will blur the lines between a wrestling fan in the crowd or at home, and the wrestler in the ring.

As for the metaverse, it isn't just a game; it's a world, and wrestling will become a major player in that world and way of life for many. Imagine fans attending virtual live events with friends from across the globe, cheering on their favorite wrestlers in a digital coliseum that defies physical limitations. They will be able to own a piece of the action by purchasing virtual merchandise, and attend exclusive meet-and-greets.

The metaverse specifically is something that WWE already has begun to look into for its business. And along with exploring it, WWE filed multiple trademark applications expressing their intentions to enter the metaverse. Given its large and passionate fanbase, WWE is well-positioned to be a leader in this space. And it's a smart business move, because not only would the metaverse create opportunities for their fans to share experiences, but it could be a new revenue stream with WWE selling merchandise and virtual tickets to virtual events. Plus, the metaverse could help them WWE reach new fans around the world.

The future is here, and the technological revolution by AI, VR, and the metaverse is exciting, but it also presents challenges and needs guidance. While AI can help create the next wrestling superstars, we need to ensure that AI doesn't replace wrestlers. And we need to prevent the metaverse from becoming a breeding ground for toxicity, which unfortunately happens to many places on the internet. I minored in Computer Applications in college, which enables me to be a bridge between the wrestling industry and the technology industry. Although there are challenges, I know enough about technology to firmly believe that wrestling promotions can navigate the changing landscape, create engaging VR experiences, and establish safe and thriving communities within the metaverse; and it's something that I'm interested in helping happen. I think technology will enhance wrestling and the industry in more ways than it will potentially diminish it. I expect wrestling's next chapter to be most amazing one yet.

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