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More About Me

Since the, "About Me" section of this blog is limited to a specific amount of characters, I decided to write a post that discusses more about what I have done in the pro-wrestling industry, beginning with when I first started in it and leading up to now.

Technically, I started back in the 1990s, contributing to, "Pro Wrestling Illustrated" and then, "Pro Wrestling Torch". In 1997, I contributed to The Official Website of the NWO. That same year, I briefly published my own newsletter, "The Wrestling Express".

In 1998, I taught myself how to design websites, and served as a consultant for various independent promotions. That next year, I worked as a website designer/maintainer for Dylan Summers (Necro Butcher) who was running the Texas-based Power Pro Wrestling Federation, and later was involved with Texas Outlaw Promotions.

During the period of 2000-2002, I was involved in many different projects at once. I was working as a website designer/publicist for talent, contributing to, writing columns for independent promotions and the website of former WCW star The Stro, and writing for a variety of pro-wrestling media sites (including and In 2003, I began running my own website, World Wrestling Optimum, which consisted of news, articles, and interviews.

In 2004, I started working for the Michigan-based Ultimate Championship Wrestling as a publicist/columnist. They were an affiliate of American Wrestling Association Superstars Of Wrestling, and I soon became the publicist/columnist of the main governing body of AWA as well. During my time working for UCW, I played a major role in bringing in new talent, due to over the years my having had come into contact with many talents being underused and going unnoticed in the industry. Also, attendance increased by a significant amount.

In 2005, I started doing a column for 3PW. With DVDs sold nationwide, they had the potential to become much bigger than they already were at the time, and were very open to my ideas. I pushed for many changes behind-the-scenes. I had encouraged management to improve the production quality of their DVDs, which led to them dealing with a different production company. 3PW management had planned on waiting for its fan base to increase before getting TV for 3PW. I explained how getting TV for 3PW is what would increase its fan base, and I was then given the green light to find networks that were interested. Two networks were very interested, and I encouraged 3PW management to meet with them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the owner of the company instead opted to shut 3PW down, due to losing interest. Working for 3PW put me in connection with the UK-based 1PW, who I worked as a columnist for.

After 3PW shut down, I began working as a publicist for independent promotions, including CHIKARA. I also worked as a columnist for CZW. Interestingly though, it was 2006 at this point yet I was still most recognized for the work that I had done for 3PW and AWA/UCW.

In 2007 I started working as a columnist for XCW, a promotion that was seen nationally on MAVTV, had a national DVD deal, and also had PPV events. Working for a promotion of national status was my biggest achievement at that point, and two years later I reached a bigger achievement- Big Japan Pro-Wrestling. Along with working for them as a columnist and an Administrator for their Facebook page, I helped bring Big Japan Pro-Wrestling together with Combat Zone Wrestling to form a working relationship after a previous working relationship between the two promotions had fallen apart. This new working relationship led to Big Japan Pro-Wrestling having its first event in the United States.

In October 2009 I assisted publicity & promotions company MGM Management with the HULKAMANIA- Let the Battle Begin tour by distributing their press release to pro-wrestling news sites that are popular with Australian fans, and conducting an interview with Solofa Fatu Jr. (better known as, "Rikishi"). Also, in 2012 I wrote a number of columns for Women Superstars United.

In May 2018 I did social media for Great North Wrestling.

In April and May 2021, I did blogging and social media for Kyushu Pro Wrestling. During that time, the promotion gained 220 new subscribers and 52,746 new views on its official YouTube channel.

Recently, I have done blogging and social media for Yanagase Pro Wrestling. Since the time I began writing for them, Yanagase Pro Wrestling has their anniversary events at a venue where they have had 300 fans. All previous Yanagase Pro Wrestling events took place at a 50-seat venue.

I have also recently written for the China-based Middle Kingdom Wrestling in a Publicist capacity. My work is an essential piece in the multilingual activation, with it being adapted to traditional Chinese for readers in China. I am the first native English writer who has written for a Chinese wrestling organization in history.

In 2019 I began writing for Michinoku Pro Wrestling, in charge of international wrestling. Since the time that I began writing for them, Michinoku Pro stopped choosing Shin-Kiba 1st Ring for its Tokyo events and began focusing on the much larger Korakuen Hall for its Tokyo appearances. The Korakuen Hall is known as a place where many historical moments in the Japanese pro-wrestling scene have occurred. It's to Japan what Madison Square Garden is to the pro-wrestling scene in the United States. Michinoku Pro had a sellout, standing-room-only event on December 13, 2019 at the Korakuen Hall. The event had an attendance of 1,890. That was the highest reported attendance at the Korakuen Hall to date for a pro-wrestling event since April 2015.

I am open to new writing opportunities, from event previews & results reports to wrestler spotlights & social media. I offer sponsored content and an international audience. This blog is now included in Google News, which has over 11 million visits every day, giving your product the opportunity to be promoted in front of millions. Check out my samples and see how I can take your brand to the next level:

If you run a small wrestling promotion or wrestling news website and are looking to take your content to the next level in an affordable way- I am offering affordable rates on Fiverr.

I graduated from university with a major in Business and a minor in Computer Applications, which makes me an asset not only as a writer but in a business and technological capacity as well.

Friday, July 12, 2024

Wrestler Spotlight: Macho Gallows - A Homegrown Member of Yanagase Pro Wrestling

Along with giving opportunities to wrestlers who are early in their careers, YPW also puts a focus on developing homegrown talent. This results in a wrestler who is loyal to the promotion and connects with its fans. Jack Kennedy became YPW's first homegrown talent in 2021, and along with continuing to wrestle on their shows, he has also appeared in DDT, BJW, and ZERO1. Now, YPW has developed another homegrown talent who may go down similar paths of success, and he is known as Macho Gallows.

Before becoming a professional wrestler, Macho Gallows expressed his passion for the industry through participating in the Aichi University Pro Wrestling Club, where Gallows was its champion and considered a prodigy by his supporters. Already a student of the game, Gallows usually wrestled a technical style, focusing on utilizing holds and submissions. In March 2023, he had the opportunity to wrestle at a DDT event.

After graduating from university that same year, Macho Gallows participated in a wrestling class that was hosted by ZERO1 star Yasu Kubota at SPORTS BAR M's Cafe, the home venue of Yanagase Pro Wrestling. Gallows became a trainee of YPW, and after wrestling in exhibition matches in 2024, he made his debut as a member of the YPW roster at its, "7th Anniversary Tournament" event in May.

With an obvious dedication to pro-wrestling, qualified training by Yanagase Pro Wrestling, and YPW being broadcast on TwitCasting, a livestreaming service based in Japan that has over 33 million registered users worldwide, the possibility of Macho Gallows having a bright future as a pro-wrestler is high. He represents the exciting potential of the Japanese independent wrestling scene and is someone to keep an eye on. By following Gallows' journey, you can witness the story of a potential future star firsthand, from his early beginnings.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

[Michinoku Pro][UPDATE] The complete card for the 7/21/24 Iwate Yahaba Town Citizens General Gymnasium event!

On Sunday, July 21, 1:00 PM start time, Michinoku Pro makes its return to Yahaba Town Citizens General Gymnasium in Iwate for a very special event, featuring Fukumen World League tournament participation matches and more!

The card will be as follows:

Fukumen World League Tournament Participation Match
Ringo Yamaya
(The Tohoku Tag Team Champions)

Fukumen World League Tournament Participation Match
Taro Nohashi
(The first Tohoku, UWA World, Kyushu Pro Wrestling Triple Crown Tag Champions in pro-wrestling history)

Yoshitsune (Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion)

Yasutaka Oosera

Rui Hyugaji (former Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion)
Manjimaru (former Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion)

The Great Sasuke (legend, former Chiba Six Man Tag Team Champion)
Yapper Man 1 (former Chiba Six Man Tag Team Champion)
Yapper Man 2 (former Chiba Six Man Tag Team Champion)
Jinsei Shinzaki (legend who has wrestled in many major companies worldwide)
Brahman Shu (former Chiba Six Man Tag Team Champion)
Brahman Kei (former Chiba Six Man Tag Team Champion)

Ayumu Gunji

Tickets are available at Lawson Ticket, Ticket Pia, e +, and via Michinoku Pro Wrestling Telephone Reservation- 019 (687) 2431.

Thursday, July 4, 2024

[WWE Speed][X] 7/5/24 Andrade vs. Xavier Woods

This Friday, July 5, 12 ET on the X platform, Xavier Woods of New Day will receive the title shot that he's earned as a result of emerging victorious from the exciting No. 1 Contender's Tournament that took place, as he faces Andrade for the coveted WWE Speed Championship! This WWE Speed championship match will feature the unique WWE Speed Division format of having a five-minute limit, creating a fast-paced style.

Although no stranger to championship gold as a tag team specialist throughout Xavier Woods’ career, the WWE Speed Championship would be his first singles championship gold victory in WWE. In Woods' 20th year as a professional wrestler, will this Friday be the day that he accomplishes the championship goal that has eluded him thus far? Woods has successfully adjusted his high energy teamwork-oriented ring style to the solo, fast-paced singles match nature of the Speed Division, and when he steps into the ring with Andrade, Woods may be only five minutes or less away from claiming the WWE Speed Championship.

Meanwhile, Andrade stands at the top of the Speed Division with a lucha libre background that makes him a perfect fit for its non-stop action environment. And with his technical skills also an asset, Andrade doesn't plan on letting go of the WWE Speed Championship anytime soon. All of his championship successes in WWE have been as a singles wrestler, so adapting to the division was not an issue. Andrade intends on outmaneuvering and outwrestling Xavier Woods with ease.

This Friday, will Andrade's reign as WWE Speed Champion continue after successfully defending his championship against a hungry challenger? Or will Xavier Woods finally win singles championship gold and usher in a new era for the division?

Expect this to be an exhilarating championship match filled with strategy, high-flying action, and of course, SPEED, as Xavier Woods challenges Andrade with the WWE Speed Championship hanging in the balance!

[UPDATED- match can be seen below]

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Thunder Summers - From Red Hook to the Land of the Rising Sun

Thunder Summers' journey in the wrestling world began in Brooklyn's Red Hook neighborhood, and today he can often be found in Japan, wrestling in Michinoku Pro. However, this isn't the common story of an American wrestler going to Japan- Summers has trained extensively in both countries.

A part of the pro-wrestling industry for around 13 years, Thunder Summers received his first taste of the business setting up the rings when he was 15 years old. "My cousin had a good relationship with East Coast Pro Wrestling." Summers explained. "We went to a lot of their local shows in Brooklyn, NY and did it about 2 times a year just because I was still in school. 2013 when I got my first job is when I finally made the jump into training."

Although Thunder Summers' path to training wasn't straightforward, it was while doing his duty of setting up rings that he met the wrestler that gave Summers the connection he needed. "So while we were setting up rings for ECPW we met a wrestler named Talon." Summers explained. "Talon hooked us up with the S.A.T (Joel, Jose, and Will Maximo) at the time who had a school called the Ludus. So from 2013 to 2015 ish I was training under guys like Joel & Will Maximo, Angel Ortiz, Mike Santana, Manny & Benny Martinez, Talon just a plethora of talent came in and out of that place. Anybody who is anybody on the NY indie scene came in through there. Of course Joel had major connections as well. My first day Homicide, Colt Cabana was there."

Many wrestlers held seminars at Ludus, including former WWE Superstar Matt Striker, revered journeyman Chris Hero, and one of Thunder Summers' favorite wrestlers, Japanese wrestling legend and former holder of the J-Crown, Ultimo Dragon. "I went to as many as I could afford." Summers said. "I was making like $80 every two weeks at my first job, so it was just enough for me to pay for training."

Thunder Summers' wrestling style reflects his diverse training. "I use a lot of what I have learned in my 10 year journey and wrestle a hybrid style." Summers said. "I learned from some of the best in the business from Joe Malenko, to Yuko Miyato-san to my current trainers at the Fallout Shelter in NY, to the Michinoku Dojo. I am also the only wrestler who has been to 2 of the 3 New Japan Dojo systems New Zealand and LA and competed for both. I really like delving into 70’s wrestling and taking a lot from that time. Especially stuff from Japan.

Although Thunder Summers currently wrestles for Michinoku Pro when he's in Japan, it's an opportunity that did not come easy. "So I had reached out to Michinoku Pro for years." he explained. "I finally got a response sometime in September 2023. I was coming to Japan from the Fale Dojo and I took the offer to do their Dojo matches in November 2023. I wrestled Taro Nohashi-san and Ayumu Gunji.

Former Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion Taro Nohashi seemed to be pleased with Thunder Summers' performance. "I think Nohashi-san was impressed enough with me that he took me under his wing and it was a great experience to not only fight him, but win and then for him to ask me to teach him after." Summers said. "Word I got back to The Great Sasuke and since then he has been nothing short of his namesake. I met with Sasuke-san in February while I was working as staff for the JCW Jersey J-Cup. From there I knew I was going back to Japan so I reached out again to the international relations boss. I got the Okay to do the entire Golden Week tour plus the amazing Arabaki Rock Fest and a plethora of Dojo matches. I love those Dojo matches because it's the experience I needed from the get-go and really helped me find direction. Plus it was just a fun intimate setting for the locals where Iwate doesn’t get much wrestling and getting that time with those fans was great. The Michinoku fans are amazing.

Wrestlers who often go to Japan tend to have a home promotion- the one they usually wrestle in the most while in Japan. "I consider Michinoku Pro my current home." Thunder Summers stated. "I still have a lot to learn in my journey. And I would like to continue that with Michinoku Pro. Plus Tohoku is a beautiful region and the fans there are fantastic. Plus they gave me 2 jackets."

As for how Thunder Summers compares the American and Japanese pro-wrestling styles, he said that he loves working in Japan and working both styles. "But I grew up watching tapes from Japan." Summers added. "And experiencing the Japanese style first-hand there is nothing like it."

While it's clear that Thunder Summers is skilled in the ring, little else is known about him. "That's why I guess a lot of people call me The International Mystery Man." Summers said. "Back then mysterious guys wore masks and they were all one offs. But the mystery of me is I give people just enough to want more for next time. I kick ass and leave without saying a word. People don’t know what to expect from me. I keep them curious, I keep them wanting more. You can say I am unpredictable. I am hoping to put an end to the mystery soon enough. I will be getting ready for my 2nd tour of Japan soon. I am trying to prove to people that Big Thunder isn’t a one hit wonder."

Thunder Summers' attitude in the ring depends on who his opponent is. "I’m mean to the people that deserve it." Summers explained. "And kind to the people that deserve it. My job is to beat guys up so I can rise up through the ranks in this business. If the fans just so happen to like the other guy more oh well who wants to win more. The Japanese fans respect that. You see it often. So I give praise to them. Good and bad guys are for the people to decide and I don’t consider myself anything other than a man trying to make a name for myself."

Before becoming a pro-wrestler, Thunder Summers had a big interest in wrestling. "Like everybody these days I was a fan of it." he said. "I grew up watching WCW and I always remember the cruiserweights and the international talent WCW had was amazing. I thought I could replicate the same success for myself. I was a martial artist. I did a little acting as a kid. I thought it would be a great way to use my skills to make a living."

But what Thunder Summers likes the most about being in the wrestling business is traveling, experiencing new cultures, and meeting new people. At the time of this interview, he was in Korea, a place where Summers said he never imagined being. "Plus I have tons of friends that I wouldn’t have met today without wrestling." Summers added.

Thunder Summers names his best matches as one that took place in the Tokyo-based IMPACT Fighting Federation, which focuses on MMA. "Definitely holding my own against Takahiro Tababa for MMA IMPACT." he said. "We fought 2 or 3 times in the same night. He’s a tough SOB I’ll say but a lot of people tell me that is their favorite match. I pulled out a lot to try and win that one most definitely. Tababa is known for being a quick finish guy and I wrestled him plus 3 guys for almost an hour."

As for his favorite match, Thunder Summers picks the May 5th Michinoku Pro match in which he teamed with legends The Great Sasuke and Jinsei Shinzaki against Rui Hyugaji, OSO11, and Australian Wolf. Summers added that close second would be the May 2nd Michinoku Pro match in which he teamed with former Chiba Six Man Tag Team Champions Brahman Shu and Brahman Kei against Sasuke and Tohoku Tag Team Champions Ringo Yamaya and Rasse because, "I got to hit one half of the [Tohoku] Tag Team Champions with a bowling ball."

Looking ahead, there are many people Thunder Summers would like to wrestle but has not yet done so. "There is a laundry list of people." he said. "I am only about 45 matches into my career and have a few wins over former champions. But I really want to wrestle in some more UWF-style contests. I want to fight a lot of my mentors on the indies back home but I want to wrestle them in Japan. My old coach Mel Ramos has been calling me out. He fought in MSG for the ISKA cruiserweight title so there is a lot to prove there. I also wanna do him solid by giving him a match in Japan."

In regards to wrestling dream matches, Thunder Summers said he wanted to wrestle another one of his favorites, legend Keiji Muto, adding, "but seeing as he is retired now Ultimo Dragon since he is still going strong and Tetsuya Naito or Kaito Kiyomiya because they are the ones who are carrying Muto-san’s legacy now. Simply put I got a long way to go and a lot of people on the list will only help me climb that ladder."

Beyond the ring, Thunder Summers is a self-proclaimed nerd, boxing enthusiast, and vegan. "I play video games all day when I have nothing better to do. At the moment I am in Korea so I try to explore as much as I can. Always try to find new things to keep me busy. My buddies have some really great YouTube channels for gaming and I’ll tune into them every now and then. Game Complainers check em out my buddy Perry who is one of the big reasons I am even overseas right now huge wrestling fan and has a game store as well. Currently picking up boxing again. Fun fact I am a 8 year vegan so I have become like the biggest vegan food critic ever, always bouncing around between restaurants all day back home with my uncle or just powering up the Saturn to get in a little X-Men vs. Street Fighter. And of course watching wrestling."

As for his long-term goals in the wrestling business, Thunder Summers says, "Ultimately I want to wrestle for every company in Japan. New Japan is still on my radar but I’ve made 2 attempts to get there. I’m 28 years old. Yes I am young but when I first came to Japan I had the goal of signing with Wrestle-1. When Wrestle-1 went out I realized I spent all my time focusing on trying to get one promotion. I didn’t think about them going out. If I put my time in somewhere I want to know it's worthwhile and where I am from you can’t put all your eggs in one plastic bag. I would like to find my place in All Japan in the near future. But I want to wrestle for every promotion. At the end of the day I have fun doing this. I love making people happy and I love inspiring people through what we do as wrestlers. I got a long list of names to check off my list ultimately and I wanna live comfortably from wrestling. When I eventually retire from in-ring competition I’d love to become a referee and a trainer.

Monday, July 1, 2024

[WWE Speed][X] 7/3/24 Xavier Woods vs. Nathan Frazer

This Wednesday, July 3rd, 12 ET on the X platform, veteran strategist Xavier Woods and rising star Nathan Frazer will collide in a WWE Speed Semifinals showdown! WWE Speed features a unique format of its matches having a three-minute limit as Superstars compete to decide who will advance to the next round, with the Superstar who makes it to the final round claiming a shot at the coveted WWE Speed Championship, currently held by Andrade.

Xavier Woods, who although he is a tag team specialist as a member of New Day, brings a wealth of ring experience that will help Woods strategize in this singles match, making every move count in a match where every second counts- expect him to attempt wearing Nathan Frazer down and capitalize on any openings that could potentially gain Woods a quick pinfall. Meanwhile, Frazer, as the younger of the two, will be willing to utilize the time limit to his advantage, going for quick takedowns and using his agility to stun Woods with innovative high-risk moves.

This match will be a thrilling chess match between experience and youth. Will the seasoned veteran Xavier Woods counter Nathan Frazer's athleticism, or will his youthful energy and combination of technical and aerial offenses overpower Woods' ring knowledge? With both Superstars possessing similar styles but unique movesets, this match is difficult to predict. Woods will likely dictate the pace of the match early, but being a former WWE NXT Heritage Cup Champion, Frazer's experience in the ring should not be underestimated. The result of the match will ultimately come down to who can adapt quicker and capitalize on their opponent's weaknesses. Don't miss the WWE Speed Semifinals to see who advances to the championship match!

[UPDATED- match can be seen below]

Sunday, June 30, 2024

[Michinoku Pro][UPDATE] The complete card for the 7/20/24 Sendai event!

On Saturday, July 20, 6:00 PM, Michinoku Pro makes its return to Hills Hotel Michinoku Hall in Sendai for a very special event!

The card will be as follows:

Tohoku Tag Team Championship
Rasse (Tohoku Tag Team Champion)
Ringo Yamaya (Tohoku Tag Team Champion)
Ken45 (former Tohoku & UWA World Tag Team Champion)
Taro Nohashi (the first Tohoku, UWA World, Kyushu Pro Wrestling Triple Crown Tag co-Champion in pro-wrestling history)

Yoshitsune (former Tohoku Tag Team Champion)
Yasutaka Oosera
Rui Hyugaji (former Tohoku & UWA World Tag Team Champion)

The Great Sasuke (legend, former Tohoku & UWA World Tag Team Champion)
Jinsei Shinzaki (legend, former Tohoku & UWA World Tag Team Champion)
GAINA (the first Tohoku, UWA World, Kyushu Pro Wrestling Triple Crown Tag co-Champion in pro-wrestling history)

Yapper Man 1 (former Tohoku & UWA World Tag Team Champion)
Yapper Man 2 (former Tohoku & UWA World Tag Team Champion)
Brahman Shu (former Tohoku Tag Team Champion)
Brahman Kei (former Tohoku Tag Team Champion)

Manjimaru (former Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion)
Ayumu Gunji

Tickets are available at Lawson Ticket, Ticket Pia, e +, and via Michinoku Pro Wrestling Telephone Reservation- 019 (687) 2431.