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Archive Interview: Solofa Fatu Jr. (Rikishi) Interview

Hulkamania: Let The Battle Begin was a professional wrestling tour promoted by Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, which took place in Australia between November 21 and November 28, 2009. I played a crucial role in the success of the tour by effectively distributing press releases, conducting an interview with Solofa Fatu Jr. (better known as, "Rikishi"), and generating positive media coverage.

(originally published 10/20/09)

One of the most popular and charismatic stars in the history of professional wrestling, Solofa Fatu Jr. (previous ring name, "Kishi" and formerly contracted to WWE as, "Rikishi") is looking forward to taking part in the HULKAMANIA - Let the Battle Begin tour.

Q: When you were first contacted regarding the HULKAMANIA - Let the Battle Begin tour, what was your reason for being interested in being a part of it?

A: I was first contacted by KNOKX PRO ENTERTAINMENT awhile back. I wanted to be a part of wrestling history coming to Australia, Hulk Hogan's first time ever in the country. Also I miss the fans of Australia. It's been awhile since I've been there.

To be a part of this TOUR is a BIG deal. I mean everyone and anyone who's in the wrestling business are trying to get on. I mean who doesn't want to be on the same show as the ICON OF WRESTLING with the MAN HULK HOGAN, FLAIR. BLACK PEARL, MY BROTHER Eddie Fatu formerly known as "UMAGA", man the list goes on.

You got to be stupid not to accept an invitation. You mean I get paid to go to Australia and have fun. And be a part of WRESTLING HISTORY in Aussieland (Fun Place). That's awesome. I'm there!!

Q: Who will you be wrestling on the tour, and is there anyone in in particular that you would like to wrestle on the tour?

A: Really don't know yet. But I will be in a tag team match teaming up with my buddy GRANMASTA BRIAN CHRISTOPHER. It doesn't matter who we face, but you can bet GRANMASTA and myself will bust a move on who ever steps in to the ring with us. Bring your 'A' Game, boys.

I'm bringing the whole AUSSIELAND fans with us ......

Q: What do you think the tour will lead to in the future? Do you see it expanding to other countries, perhaps even growing into a full-time promotion?

A: Surely I have no doubt that Michael Condon of CONDON SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT GROUP AND Reno Anoa'i of KNOKX PRO ENTERTAINMENT can book any type of events there in Australia. Hell if they can bring WRESTLING ICON HULK HOGAN there with the help of Bischoff Hervey Entertainment, anything's possible in the future for these two groups as for ENTERTAINMENT EVENTS...

This event is BIG and STRONG enough to move into other countries and even GOOD enough to open a NEW WRESTLING LEAGUE. Just depends how far these 3 groups want to take it. My hope is that they are ALL able to work together in the future to give the WRESTLING/MMA fans a chance to see other LEAGUES beside the same two companies in US over and over again.

Q: How long is your commitment for this tour? Is it only for November, or are you planning on being a part of it if it goes longer?

A: For 4 events. I'm committed to Michael Condon of CONDON SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT GROUP and Reno Anoa'i of KNOKX PRO ENTERTAINMENT. I believe in these two gents. They are professional guys with BIG VISIONS for AUSTRALIA and other oversea countries for Pro Wrestling / MMA.

To have Australia have their own MAINSTREAM WORLDWIDE WRESTLING COMPANY like the other two in USA. Would be BIG. And I believe these two can pull it off.

Q: You have wrestled all over the word. How are Australian fans different in regards to fans in other countries where you have wrestled?

A: AUSSIELAND fans are full of energy and CRAZY. They're loud and come to see a fight or get entertained. Just fun people. I love them.....

Q: KnokX Pro is involved in promoting the tour, and you are one of the coaches at their school. Along with being a beneficial experience for the individual talents involved, do you think that the tour will be beneficial to KnokX Pro as a promotion as well?

A: YES. It's getting lots of media attention WORLDWIDE being involved with HULKAMANIA TOUR. Which is good for us. Along with CONDON SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT GROUP and Bischoff Hervey Entertainment.

Q: For fans who are interested in being trained to wrestle, in your opinion, why is KnokX Pro Academy the school that they should choose?

A: We provide our students the ALL around knowledge of the wrestling business. The ins and outs of the wrestling world. For one we know what we're talking about and also lived the life of wrestling. It's very easy to teach something that you've lived all your life. KnokX Pro has that. I have trainers who know what to teach to get our student ready for the wrestling world and business part.

We care about my students. They're like my own kids when they walk through that door of THE DOMAIN at KnokX Pro. We will teach them to be ready when they leave us for the PRO WRESTLING WORLD. At the DOMAIN we are all family. Tight and close bunch, who work hard together to help fulfill the dreams of each other in pro wrestling life.

We are committed to our students and each other. We WILL give them the BEST of the BEST training they can possibly get. To be THE NEXT BIG THING IN PRO WRESTLING 50 yrs of EXPERIENCE COMBINED .....


That's a GUARANTEE ...

Q: You are a very big part of a promotion that is based in Italy, and also has shows in Spain and Switzerland. Do you have in any interest in bringing the tour to those areas in the future?

A: But of course. We are looking in on that as we speak. Those markets are very big in Pro Wrestling / MMA. I mean they love it out there. So hopefully we are able to move into that part of the world with this tour OR any other CONDON SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT GROUP and KNOKX PRO ENTERTAINMENT event in the near future .

Sky's the limit here....

Q: With your involvement in the tour, combined with your work in Italy and coaching for the KnokX Pro Academy, it seems like your career is busier than ever. When you first started in the business, did you ever imagine that over 20 years later, you would be this active in the industry?

A: Yes I know huh!! Crazy. But I love this business it's what I'm good at. I am no longer working with the Italian company it was good while it lasted, but now its full-time with my students at The DOMAIN .....I got to give them 22 yrs of my mind in PRO WRESTLING BIZ .......

Q: During the rare opportunities that you have spare time, how do you use it?

A: FAMILY TIME, FAMILY TIME, FAMILY TIME. Just try to catch up lost time cause of being on the road. I like to cook for them. Maybe catch a DVD movie or else just simply relax and listen to some reggae music and chill. Or Billie Jean (Michael Jackson). I'm easy ..... Spend time with my lil boy everyday

,,,,,,,,,,, Now that's a full-time, but I love it.

Daddy at home.

KISHI/ JR FATU on the road .....

Fa'afetai lava ( Thank You Much ) Peace and Love to Australia and the World !!!!

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Solofa Fatu Jr. (Rikishi). In 2003, I began running my own website, World Wrestling Optimum, which consisted of news, articles, and interviews, including this one.

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