Monday, February 27, 2023

Middle Kingdom Wrestling and the Hong Kong Pro Wrestling Federation Announce Historic Partnership

Middle Kingdom Wrestling (MKW) and the Hong Kong Pro Wrestling Federation (HKWF), the two largest wrestling organizations in China, have announced that they will be forming a partnership. In this long-term deal, MKW and the HKWF will promote cross-boarding between Mainland China and the Special Administrative Region.

"We share the same philosophy on the grassroots organizational style and are looking forward to talent exchanges and meaningful cooperation between both wrestling organizations," MKW Owner Adrian Gomez and HKWF President Bitman said in a joint statement. "Both companies saw some setbacks during the COVID-19 pandemic, but aim to rejuvenate pro-wrestling in China and Greater China."

In an individual statement, HKWF founder Ho Ho Lun reflected on how far the HKWF has come. “I am almost among the first generation of Chinese wrestlers and have wrestled in the WWE ring. But what we have done with HKWF is a miracle,” Lun said. “From running shows in small bars and a theater in Macao with only limited resources, to this partnership that will enable more people in China to enjoy live big pro-wrestling events.”

With both organizations previously growing the Chinese pro-wrestling scene as individual entities in their localized areas of China, the partnership between MKW and the HKWF will contribute to helping China become for the first time in history a major part of the pro-wrestling industry.


Founded in 2015 by Adrian Gomez, Middle Kingdom Wrestling is based in Mainland China, where many pro-wrestling fans were introduced to live pro-wrestling for the first time ever via MKW. Its roster features homegrown Chinese wrestlers, but MKW events have also featured talents who have been seen in NXT and Impact Wrestling, as well as stars of the Japanese wrestling scene. In 2018, MKW hosted an event at Xinqiao Culture and Art Center with record-setting attendance.


Founded in 2009 by pro-wrestler Ho Ho Lun, the Hong Kong Pro Wrestling Federation is based in Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of China. The HKWF was the second organization in China's history to run pro-wrestling events, and from 2012 - 2015 was the Hong Kong representative of the Japan-based ZERO1. Along with the HKWF hosting events featuring homegrown Hong Kong wrestlers of today, it is also creating the stars of the future via its training center.


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