Sunday, February 26, 2023

[Yanagase Pro Wrestling] Result of the 2/24, "Ladius Friday Night Match"

One week after the men's division of Yanagase Pro Wrestling were in action, it was time for Ladius to have a, "Friday Night Match" at SPORTS BAR M's Cafe.

Mari Manji and Michio Kageyama faced each other at this past December's, "Yanagase Pro Wrestling Christmas Special" event, and on this night would be their rematch. However, although Kageyama has wrestled in many other promotions including NOAH, DDT, BJW, AJPW, and ZERO1, Ladius was uncharted territory for him, being that it's the ladies' division of YPW. So for this particular match, instead of wrestling as Michio Kageyama, he wrestled as Michiko Kageyama.

Michiko Kageyama began the match with an aggressive offense.

When Mari Manji was giving Michiko Kageyama some of their own medicine, Kageyama's wig came off, basically confirming their true identity.

As Mari Manji continued her offense, Kageyama became less concerned with trying to conceal his identity and focused on fighting back.

Mari Manji made a comeback with forearm shots, shoulder blocking Kageyama to the mat, an inverted facelock, and a corner dropkick, but he stopped Manji's momentum by reversing a bodyslam attempt.

Kageyama sat Mari Manji up on the mat and attempted a punt, but she moved out of the way and went for a schoolboy, which Kageyama countered into a cross armbar.

After escaping from Kageyama's cross armbar, Mari Manji and Kageyama began exchanging forearm blows, until Manji switched up her offense to backhand chops and then Russian legsweeped Kageyama to the mat, following up with a senton.

Mari Manji went for the cover but only got a two count. She then began stomping on Kageyama's back in an attempt to make him stay down, but he still struggled back to his feet. Manji then ran to the ropes in preparation for another attack, but Kaeyama -who had run behind her- had a back elbow ready for Manji as she rebounded off the ropes.

Kageyama then ran to the ropes in preparation for another attack of his own, but Mari Manji used the same back elbow tactic that Kageyama had used on her moments earlier.

Mari Manji then ran to the ropes on the opposite side of the ring, but after she rebounded she ran into a clothesline from Kageyama that put her down. Kageyama picked Manji up and put her in position for a scoop brainbuster, which he has often used as a finisher, but Manji slipped out of Kageyama's grasp and went for a schoolboy, gaining her a three count.

This match is available to watch in full via TwitCasting until 3/10, 23:59 Japan Time! You can use a time zone converter to find out what time that is in your area.

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