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[YPW] [RESULTS] Yanagase Pro Wrestling event- 2/18/23

One week after the ladies of Ladius were in action, it was the men's division of YPW's turn, as they returned to SPORTS BAR M's Cafe.

In the first match of the night, Lowther & Rekka faced JADE & Gaia Hox. While Lowther and JADE frequently wrestle at YPW events, Rekka and Gaia Hox were guests.

Lowther and JADE started out the match. Although they have been on opposite sides of the ring in the past, this was their first time facing off against each other in a YPW ring.

Both wrestlers attempted to gain an early advantage for their respective team via chain wrestling.

With both men unable to gain an upper hand over the other, Lowther and JADE tagged in their partners. Rekka and Gaia Hox have a lot in common. Both from Taiwan, their careers have taken them around the world. Rekka, a veteran of the ring with 20 years of experience, has wrestled for Michinoku Pro, DDT, DG, and AJPW in Japan, and has wrestled for AAA in Mexico as well as wrestled in the United States and Canada. Gaia Hox, like Rekka, has wrestled for many Japan-based promotions including Michinoku Pro, and has also wrestled in the UK. Rekka and Hox have been in the ring together both as opponents and tag team partners.

This match was the first time that Gaia Hox and JADE were teaming together, but they had good chemistry. Hox and JADE tagged in and out to keep each other fresh during the match and were even on the same wavelength in terms of double-teaming and cheating.

Rekka turned things around for his team when he surprised JADE with a leg lariat and then tagged in Lowther, who overwhelmed JADE with his speed and agility, showing that Lowther has earned the name, "Tarzan Lowther" that he is sometimes referred to by.

Rekka kept the momentum for his team going when he squashed JADE against a turnbuckle with a corner back elbow and a corner clothesline, and then rocked him with a leg lariat to the back of his head.

But JADE stopped that momentum when he caught Rekka with a back kick as he was rebounding off the ropes, sat Rekka on the mat with an Overdrive, and then delivered a punt.

JADE went for the cover but only got a two-count, and this was when his double-team chemistry with Gaia Hox once again came into play. They performed a drop toe hold dropkick combo on Rekka, with JADE following up Hox' dropkick with an elbow drop, which Hox followed up with a springboard senton. Rekka was able to fight through all of this and tagged in Lowther. They did some double-teaming of their own, which Hox put an end to by hitting Lowther and Rekka with handspring leg lariats.

Rekka rolled out of the ring, leaving Lowther and Gaia Hox, the legal men in the match, alone in the ring. Hox attempted a double-underhook piledriver, but Lowther escaped and stunned him with a savate kick. Lowther then ran towards the ropes in preparation to execute his next move, but as soon as he hit them, JADE smacked him in the back and right arm with a chair from outside the ring, while Hox distracted the referee. As Lowther staggered towards him, Hox delivered a Bomaye to Lowther's head, making him easy prey for a double-underhook piledriver from Hox for the win.

The next match was Kenta Kosugi & Michio Kageyama vs. Hiroshi Yamato & Shigehiro Irie in a tag team match.

Hiroshi Yamato was a YPW guest, but he is very familiar with the three other competitors in the match. Not only has Yamato wrestled in YPW in the past, but he has extensive experience on the Japanese pro-wrestling scene. Yamato has 15 years of ring experience and has wrestled in many Japanese promotions, including Michinoku Pro, NOAH, DDT, BJW, DG, AJPW, and ZERO1. His many championship accomplishments include a reign as All Asia Tag Team Champion.

Hiroshi Yamato was not the only wrestler in the match with tag team expertise. His partner Shigehiro Irie has held multiple tag team championships, including the All Asia Tag Team Championship, the KO-D Tag Team Championship, and the BJW Tag Team Championship. And on the independent scene, Kenta Kosugi and Michio Kageyama have won tag team championships as well. Together, the four men showed the fans in attendance at SPORTS BAR M's Cafe and the worldwide audience watching on TwitCasting what tag team wrestling is all about.

After 20 minutes of tag team action, the match ended in a draw. It would not be a surprise to see a rematch somewhere down the line. The fans were very much into this match and fans were supporting both teams- all four wrestlers earned that support.

In the final match of the night, Jack Kennedy and Yanagase Kamen Fuerza faced Yusaku Ito and Hide Kubota.

A very significant aspect of this match was that not only was it the first time that Jack Kennedy and Hide Kubota were competing against each other in any way, but Kubota was one of Kennedy's main trainers. So their encounter was student vs. teacher.

Jack Kennedy showed that he learned well, as he countered Hide Kubota's holds.

Yusaku Ito and Yanagase Kamen Fuerza faced off next. Ito appears in YPW regularly and has wrestled in many other promotions during his 10-year career, including BJW, Ice Ribbon, and WAVE.

With Hide Kubota and Yusaku Ito being tag team specialists (Kubota is a current NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Champion and Ito holds tag team titles in two independent promotions), they gained an advantage by keeping Yanagase Kamen Fuerza in their corner and taking turns working on him as they tagged in and out.

The tide of the match turned when Yusaku Ito Irish whipped Yanagase Kamen Fuerza into a corner and then ran into boots from Fuerza, followed by a missile dropkick.

Jack Kennedy then got the hot tag and cleaned house by shoulder blocking Yusaku Ito to the mat, and scoop slamming Hide Kubota after he entered the ring.

Jack Kennedy stayed on Yusaku Ito, hitting him with a body avalanche before delivering a reverse fall-away slam. Wanting to finish Ito off, Kennedy then charged at him to give Ito a spear.

Jack Kennedy went for the cover, but Yusaku Ito got a shoulder up before the three-count. Kennedy then tried to give Ito his, "Jacky Driver" finisher, but Ito escaped and put Kennedy in a waistlock, which he elbowed his way out of. Ito staggered backward into a corner, and when Kenedy ran towards him, Kennedy ran into a boot from Ito. When Kennedy was stunned, Ito dropkicked him in the knee, which put Kennedy in a kneeling position. Ito then gave him a DDT.

Yusaku Ito tagged in Hide Kubota, and this began the second one-on-one student vs. teacher encounter of the match. He stood Jack Kennedy up and attacked him with forearm shots before Irish whipping Kennedy into a different corner, followed up with a corner back elbow, and then gave him a bronco buster.

Hide Kubota then went for the cover but only got a two-count. Determined to finish Jack Kennedy off, Kubota then gave him a neckbreaker slam, once again only getting a two count, obviously frustrating Kubota.

Hide Kubota brought Jack Kennedy to his feet to try a different tactic, but Kennedy surprised him with a forearm shot. They then began exchanging forearm blows, until Kubota hit Kennedy with a back kick from out of nowhere, followed by a savate kick to the face. He went backwards, and when Kennedy rebounded, he struck Kubota with a big lariat that sent them both to the mat.

Yanagase Kamen Fuerza and Yusaku Ito tagged in and remained the legal men although Hide Kubota and Jack Kennedy continued to be involved in the match by helping their respective partner numeruous times or fighting each other inside and outside the ring. In the end, Ito picked up the win for his team when he pinned Fuerva after using a sitout scoop slam piledriver.

This Yanagase Pro Wrestling event is available to watch in full via TwitCasting until 3/4, 23:59 Japan Time! You can use a time zone converter to find out what time that is in your area.

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