Tuesday, February 14, 2023

[Yanagase Pro Wrestling] Result of the 2/10, "Ladius Friday Night Match"

One week after the men's division of Yanagase Pro Wrestling were in action, it was time for Ladius to have a, "Friday Night Match" at SPORTS BAR M's Cafe.

During the previous "Friday Night Match", Mari Manji and Sae wrestled to a 20-minute time limit draw, leaving everyone to wonder what the result would be in a rematch. On this night, that question would be answered.

The first offensive moves in the match were exchanging forearm blows.

Sae gained the upper hand when she connected with consecutive forearm blows and had Mari Manji with her back against the ropes, but when Sae attempted to Irish whip Manji, she blocked it, gave Sae another forearm blow to her chest, and began shoulder blocking Sae multiple times before going for a cover, only getting a one-count. Keeping her on the mat, Manji then hit Sae with a powerful elbow drop.

Mari Manji then stood Sae back up and rammed her head into a turnbuckle. With Sae still in the corner and with her back against the turnbuckle, Manji followed up with a back first corner splash, and then hit Sae with a corner hip attack.

Mari Manji went for the cover but only got a two-count, so she continued her offense. This match showed how Manji and Sae have faced each other in singles matches over a dozen times but never have the same match twice, a different story plays out every time. While Sae seemed to dominate early in their previous match at times as she showcased her moveset, this time Manji did the same, as her offense included a Boston crab, a half Boston crab, and a triangle choke, showing that even though Manji frequently uses the manjigatame, it's far being the only submission at her disposal.

In a comedic moment, at one point of the match Sae left the ring, pressed a table bell that was at ringside, and sat down at ringside for a few moments to take a time out from Mari Manji's offense.

When Sae returned to the ring, Mari Manji resumed control of the match.

Mari Manji is a tough competitor, but Sae matches that toughness with resilience, which she displayed when she made a comeback. Manji attempted to Irish whip Sae into a corner, but she reversed the whip, sending Manji into the corner. Sae followed up with a big boot to Manji's face which sent her to the mat. The momentum of the match in Sae's favor, she stayed on Manji and gave her a leg drop. Sae is the SGP Openweight Champion in Shinsyu Girls Pro Wrestling, and she was showing why that is the case.

Sae went for the cover but was able to only get a two count. Never afraid to take a cheap shot, she then began to rake Mari Manji's eyes. Attempting to continue her offense, Sae rebounded off the ropes, but Manji caught Sae in a backdrop (which is known as the belly-to-back suplex in the US).

Mari Manji then hit Sae with a senton before going for a cover, only getting a two-count. Manji then attempted a suplex but Sae reversed it before trapping Manji in a rear naked choke.

Mari Manji managed to reach the ropes to break Sae's rear naked choke. When Manji got back to her feet, Sae approached her intending to continue her offense but Manji sent her to the mat with a drop toe-hold before following up with a front dropkick. But when Manji rebounded off the ropes in preparation to execute another attack, Sae met her with a big boot to the face. After Manji fell to the mat, Sae applied a reverse headlock.

Mari Manji reached the ropes so that Sae had to release her from the reverse headlock, but Sae sensed victory as she pulled Manji to her feet and leaned her back against the ropes. After delivering a forearm blow to Manji's chest, Sae rebounded off the ropes on the other side of the ring and clotheslined Manji against the ropes that were behind her. Manji then fell to one knee, and Sae rebounded off the ropes again, this time connecting with a big boot to Manji's head.

Sae went for the cover, but Mari Manji kicked out at the two-count, showing her fighting spirit. Sae climb the turnbuckles in preparation for an aerial move, but Manji approached and they began fighting while Sae sat on the top turnbuckle, Manji attacking with chops and forearm blows, and Sae responding with forearm blows of her own. After stunning Manji with a headbutt, Sae trapped her in a hanging figure-four necklock before sending Manji to the mat with a flying front dropkick.

Sae went for a cover, but Mari Manji got a shoulder up right before a three count. Determined to win, Sae immediately put her in an arm-trap crossface, which Manji eventually submitted to, giving Sae the win.

This match is available to watch in full via TwitCasting until 2/24, 23:59 Japan Time! You can use a time zone converter to find out what time that is in your area.

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