Thursday, February 9, 2023

Former WWE/NXT/Impact Wrestling Talents to Participate in World Strongman Games 2023

World Strongman Games 2023 (also known as, "Sood Classic") will begin this month on February 26, taking place at Chandigarh University in India. According to Rajvinder Singh Sodhi, President of United Intercontinental Strongmen Federation of India (UISFI), "The World Strongman Games are the first edition of games to be hosted at the campus of Chandigarh University and will comprise of WWE matches, Arm Wrestling matches for women and men, boxing and bodybuilding competitions,"

More than 500 participants will take part in the event from places including India, the UK, Uganda, USA, Italy, Kazakhstan, and France. Among them will be former Impact World Tag Team Champion Gunner (who also wrestled in WWE/NXT as, "Jaxson Ryker") and Satender Dagar, who wrestled in NXT as, "Jeet Rama".

Along with the Impact World Tag Team Championship, Gunner's other championship accomplishments include the TNA King Of The Mountain Championship. He currently co-hosts "Wrestling For The Faith", an Apple Podcast on which Gunner discusses pro-wrestling, current events, family, and Christianity.

A highlight of Satender Dagar's time with WWE was when he had the opportunity to wrestle WWE Superstars AJ Styles at WWE Superstar Spectacle in 2021, with Styles having words of encouragement for Dagar after their match. Today, Dagar trains wrestlers of tomorrow at Jeet Wrestle Square Pro Wrestling Training Academy in India, which will also be involved with World Strongman Games 2023.

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