Monday, January 21, 2019

The Powerslam Wrestling Network

Recently I became aware of the Powerslam Wrestling Network, a pro-wrestling mega-channel that launched a few months and is avalable on iOs, AppleTV, iTunes, Android, and Roku apps, and online at http://Powerslam.TV. It is also available on Chromecast. The Powerslam Wrestling Network has over 4,300 hours of content from over 110 promotions around the world, including Japan's Sendai Girls, BJW, and FREEDOMS; the UK's RPW; Canada's ECCW; and the United States' CZW and WSU.

The Powerslam Wrestling Network is one of the best pro-wrestling channels available today, as well as the largest. Along with excellent wrestling content that is updated on a regular basis (which includes events and shows that are presented exclusively), it has no ads, and also presents interviews, backstage footage, round tables, and lifestyle videos-all at a low price of only $5.99 a month.

Click here for a 7-day free trial.
Use the coupon code HW13 for a free month when you subscribe.