Thursday, February 20, 2020

Become a sponsor for Michinoku Pro!

Michinoku Pro is looking individuals and companies who can become sponsors for their events. This is a great opportunity- not only do they have events throughout the Tลhoku region, but Michinoku Pro occasionally has events in Tokyo, where they have sellouts at Shinkiba 1st RING, and had a sellout, standing room only event on December 13, 2019 at the Korakuen Hall. The Korakuen Hall is known as a place where many historical moments in the Japanese pro-wrestling scene have occurred. It's to Japan what Madison Square Garden is to the pro-wrestling scene in the United States. The event had an attendance of 1,890. That was the highest reported attendance at the Korakuen Hall to date for a pro-wrestling event since April 2015.

There are many sponsorship plans according to the budget of each event. Plans start at only 10,000 yen! Benefits that a sponsor can receive are a supporting curtain in the venue, setting up a corporate curtain, broadcasting in the venue by the ring announcer, sampling, flyers, appearances by members of the Michinoku Pro roster for companies, invitation tickets, provision of goods etc. For more information, call the Michinoku Pro office at 019 (687) 2431!

Statement from Michinoku Pro regarding the outbreak of the coronavirus

Please cooperate in the following ways when watching Michinoku Pro events so that visitors can watch the show with peace of mind.

・ Please check your physical condition before visiting the venue.
Please refrain from visiting the venue if you have symptoms of a cold, such as high fever or cough.

・ We strongly recommend that you wear a mask, wash your hands, and use alcohol for disinfection.

・ If you feel sick after entering the venue, please exit immediately.

Monday, February 17, 2020

[Michinoku Pro][RESULTS] 2020 Tokyo Conference Vol. 1 2/15/20

Michinoku Pro returned to Shin-Kiba 1st Ring in Tokyo on February 15 for pro-wrestling action, highlighted by an appearance by former DDT Extreme Champion Masahiro Takanashi, and The Great Sasuke's final Michinoku Pro Tokyo Conference appearance before he goes to the United States to wrestle in April.

In the first match, Taira Ogasawara faced Tatsuya Hanami. Taira Ogasawara became a member of the Michinoku Pro roster this year.

Tatsuya Hanami, a member of the Chiba-based 2AW roster, appears on Michinoku Pro shows often.

If you like matches that are technical and strong style, featuring two young future starts of the industry, this was the match for you. The action went back and forth between the two.

After a hard fought battle, Tatsuya Hanami eventually trapped Taira Ogasawara in a half crab. Ogasawara attempted to reach the ropes so that he could escape, but Hanami prevented him from doing so. Ogasawara soon submitted, giving Hanami the victory.

Next was The Great Sasuke going against HAPPY-MAN.

The Great Sasuke usually doesn't wrestle in singles matches for Tokyo appearances, but this was a special night. He usually wrestles at every Michinoku Pro show, but Sasuke will not be at the next show, as he will instead be appearing at a show in California.

Coincidentally, HAPPY MAN is also not usually seen in singles action during his Tokyo appearances for Michinoku Pro, instead wrestling in six man matches.

HAPPY MAN, using his 17 years of experience, attempted to outwrestle The Great Sasuke, but he couldn't overcome Sasuke's 29 years of experience.

However, HAPPY MAN found an opening when he caught The Great Sasuke when Sasuke was about to attempt a move from the top turnbuckle and tossed him off.

But The Great Sasuke refused to stay down, until HAPPY MAN finished him off with a flying body press off the top turnbuckle.

In the next match, Kengo & Nogyo Boy Raito went against Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei.

Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei were quick to utilize their favorite tactic- spitting water at their opponents.

Staying in control, Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei then executed their trademark suitcase/bowling ball spot on Nogyo Boy Raito.

Kengo & Nogyo Boy Raito fought back against the wild offense of Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei.

But in the end, Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei and their unorthodox style came out on top.

In the semi-main event, Yasutaka Oosera faced Masahiro Takanashi. Yasutaka Oosera has been a member of the Michinoku Pro roster ever since his career began three years ago.

Along with being a former DDT Extreme Champion, Masahiro Takanashi is the current Union Pro MAX Champion. The Union Pro MAX championship belongs to BASARA, a sub-brand of DDT, which Takanashi is a roster member of.

The more experienced of the two, Masahiro Takanashi took control often early in the match.

Although Masahiro Takanashi is a former DDT Extreme Champion, Yasutaka Oosera showed that he can go extreme as well by taking the action outside the ring.

Now in control, Yasutaka Oosera kept the momentum going.

Despite Yasutaka Oosera's best efforts however, Masahiro Takanashi showed why he's the Union Pro MAX Champion by overcoming Oosera and picking up the win.

In the main event, MUSASHI, Taro Nohashi, and Rasse faced Rui Hyลซgaji, Yapperman 1, and Yapperman 2.

A very interesting element of this match is that Rasse and Yapperman 1 & 2 were on opposing teams. Although Yapperman 1 & 2 are currently the Tohoku & UWA World Tag Team Champions, they held the Chiba Six Man Tag Team Championship with Rasse on three occasions last year. The picture below is from when they won the Championship at the August 24 Michinoku Pro show.

There was action in this match from bell to bell, and in the end, Rui Hyลซgaji, Yapperman 1, and Yapperman 2 were victorious, with Rui Hyลซgaji picking up the win for his team.

Michinoku Pro will return to Tokyo at Shinkiba First Ring on Saturday, April 18 (7:00 PM start time)! Tickets are available at Lawson Ticket, Tickets Pia, e+, Korakuen Hall 5F office- 03 (5800) 9999, Champion- 03 (3221) 6237, and by Michinoku Pro ticket reservation- 019 (687) 2431.

Reserved seats are 5,000 yen (5,500 yen on the day). All other seats are 4,000 yen (4,500 yen on the day).