Monday, September 19, 2022

Secret Base

Secret Base was launched in February 2009, and has events in Tokyo and Osaka. Represented by Mototsugu Shimizu (who has been seen in Michinoku Pro, NOAH, AJPW, BJW, Ice Ribbon, ZERO1, and CHIKARA), Secret Base has a small but talented roster, and notable talents from outside of Secret Base have also competed in the promotion. Two examples are former Open the Brave Gate Champion and former Open The Triangle Gate Champion Super Shisa, and former All Asia Tag Team Champion Tetsuhiro Kuroda (who has also held the Captain Of The Secret Base Tag Team Championship).

Secret Base's next event will be WEST SECRET DRIVE 2022~AUTUMN~, which takes place this Sunday, September 25 at Osaka Okinawa Kaikan in Osaka's Taisho Ward, with a 1:00 pm start time.

The card for this event will include:

Amigo Suzuki (as seen in Stardom, NOAH, DDT, DG, AJPW, BJW, Ice Ribbon, and CHIKARA)
Mototsugu Shimizu
Ferist (as seen in BJW and Ice Ribbon)
HANAOKA (as in seen in AAA and NWA Mexico)
Maori Kawashima
Super Shisa

Shiori Akiba (as seen in BJW, Ice Ribbon, and JWP)
Sae (as seen in Ice Ribbon, ZERO1, WAVE, and PURE-J)

Space Galaxy Warrior Andros
May Lee (as seen in WAVE and PURE-J)
Idea (as seen in BJW)
Haruka Aikawa

Tetsuhiro Kuroda and many other talents will also be on the card as well.

For those of you who will be in Japan on September 25 and can attend this event at Osaka Okinawa Kaikan, tickets can be purchased here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

[Michinoku Pro][PREVIEW] 10/22/22 Dojo Pro Wrestling Koji Kawamura Sayonara Series

Existing since 1993, Michinoku Pro was created with Iwate in mind, so many events in Iwate feature matches that are not seen anywhere else in the country. Michinoku Pro hosts shows at their dojo in Takizawa City regularly, and their October 22 show (4:00 PM start time) will be a special one, as it will be send-off for Koji Kawamura, who will be on an expedition in Mexico beginning this fall. His opponent at this special dojo event will be fellow New Generation member MUSASHI.

Also taking place at the October 22 Dojo Pro Wrestling event will be The Great Sasuke and Pretty Ota going against Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei, along with 2 other matches.

Tickets are available via Michinoku Pro Wrestling Telephone Reservation- 019 (687) 2431.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Have a nice DIE!

Making its debut last year, Have a nice DIE! was founded by Toshiyuki Sakuda, a talented hardcore-style wrestler who has created a promotion that embraces that same style. Have a nice DIE! matches are no-ring, all-hardcore action, and DIE stands for "Deathmatch Innovative Element", being that hardcore matches are best kown as "deathmatches" in Japan. Have a nice DIE! is based in Tokyo, but has also had events in Yokohama.

Have a nice DIE!'s next event will be on Saturday, September 24 at the Takashimadaira Community Center in Tokyo with a 6:00pm start time. The card will be as follows:

Toshiyuki Sakuda
Drew Parker (former BJW Death Match Heavyweight Champion)

Toru Sugiura
Kyu Mogami
Shota Nakagawa

Risa Sera (former International Ribbon Tag Team Champion)
Super Hardcore Machine
Violento Jack
Suzu Suzuki

Orca Uto
Kentaro Hachisu

For those of you who will be in Japan on September 24 and can attend this event at the Takashimadaira Community Center, tickets can be purchased here.