Monday, September 3, 2012

Mystery Angles in Pro-Wrestling

As anyone who watches American pro-wrestling knows, angles play a large role in it. Fans enjoy seeing a storyline encapsulate the action that takes place in the ring. However, I feel that one genre that doesn't receive enough attention in pro-wrestling is mystery. A genre that makes fans sit on the edges of their seats while they watch the angle unfold, wondering what is going to happen next. After the show is over, they go online and speculate with fellow fans, the angle's details still fresh in their minds. And most importantly, they come back for more.

In truth, promotions have presented mystery angles many times in the past. Most of the time however, the angle falls flat, due to it either being rushed, not well thought out, or being scrapped before the mystery is revealed. There are a few mystery angles that I have enjoyed though, and one is TNA's current, "Aces & Eights" angle. Masked assailants running rampant throughout the company with possibly a mastermind within TNA controlling them behind the scenes, and the suspense of not knowing what is going to happen next. It reminds me of how WCW was in 1997, complete with closing segments that are the best part of the show. The last five minutes of the August 23rd episode of, "IMPACT WRESTLING" was the most exciting closing segment I have seen on an American pro-wrestling show all summer.

The fact that this angle is being kept under wraps very well is beneficial to it. Both fans and the pro-wrestling media are speculating on a regular basis regarding who it will turn out is supposed to be behind Aces & Eights (much like they speculated on who would be next to join the NWO back in the 90s). I too have been speculating. I notice that out of everyone to who the Aces & Eights have given the dead man's hand, the only people who they did not make good on their promise with were Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray. I also notice that Ray rarely joins in on brawls against the Aces & Eights members, and when he does, they don't put up much offense (if any).

What is your opinion of mystery angles in pro-wrestling? If you like them, which ones have you enjoyed the most? If you dislike mystery angles, what is it about them that turns you off?

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