Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TNA Turning Point 2012 Reaction

Last night's TNA PPV was a great event, which has been routine for almost three years now. TNA's talent roster has always been impressive, but the booking and creative direction now makes intelligent use of that talent, and in a very entertaining fashion. On a side note, although TNA does not report their PPV numbers (nor does any other private company), both "TNA" and "TurningPoint" were trending on Twitter last night, which serves as an indication that many viewers were watching the event.

A smart company gives it's customers what they want, and TNA is doing exactly that by having the TNA World Heavyweight Championship on Jeff Hardy, their most popular talent. Although he successfully defended the title last night in his, "Ladder" match with Austin Aries, the match put over both wrestlers. Many times throughout the match, it appeared that Aries was going to win. In fact, even though Aries is no longer champion, he has been put in a very good position this year. TNA saw main event potential in Aries, and they gave him the opportunity to live up to it by putting the championship on him in July. Aries didn't let TNA down, and even though he dropped the title in October, he remains a part of the main event scene, and most likely will continue to do so as we go into 2013.

One big topic emerging from TNA Turning Point has been the turning point for AJ Styles. The most popular TNA original on the roster, he was pinned in a, "3-Way" match that carried the stipulation that the wrestler who was pinned would not be eligible for a TNA World Heavyweight Championship title shot until after Bound for Glory 2013. Many fans feel that this match has hurt Styles' immediate future in TNA, but I think what everyone must keep in mind is that other than TNA management(and perhaps Styles), basically no one knows what TNA has planned for him. One year ago fans were calling for Samoa Joe to leave TNA due to lack of success he was seeing in 2011, yet as 2012 comes to a close, Joe accomplished becoming a TNA World Tag Team Champion, TNA Television Champion, and became the third Grand Slam Champion in TNA history. The key to success in the pro-wrestling business is patience, which has been proven many times in TNA as of late.

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