Saturday, January 19, 2013

Aces and Eights: How Big Will They Get?

In 1996, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash arrived in WCW as outsiders of the company with the goal of taking over. The two men were soon joined by Hulk Hogan, and in time, the team grew into a huge faction known as the New World Order. The group became so dominant that they became as recognized as WCW itself (if not more so).

Over a decade later, history appears to be repeating itself in TNA. It started off with three masked men appearing and sneak attacking Sting in the middle of the ring while he was cutting a promo during the June 14, 2012 episode of, "IMPACT WRESTLING". For maximum impact, it was done during the last segment of the show.

In time, Aces and Eights has become a faction with a size comparable to the NWO when the New World Order was at it highest point of popularity. And most recently, talents previously identified with the TNA roster have been "jumping ship" and becoming members of the Aces and Eights.

The NWO is considered by many to be one of the best pro-wrestling factions of all time. Will Aces and Eights earn that distinction as well? Time will tell, but the ingredients are there. One of the elements of the NWO that made it so successful was that there was always an aura of mystery and suspense around them. It was never known when they were going to show up, and if it was obvious that they were going to show up, it was never certain regarding in what capacity it was going to happen. And of course, with WCW talent "crossing enemy lines" and joining the NWO, it was never clear who was going to join next, or when. During a promo segment? During a match? The only way to find out was to keep watching, and the same situation is occurring with the Aces and Eights. After not being seen on, "IMPACT WRESTLING" for weeks, Mr. Anderson returned as an ally of the Aces and Eights. During a wedding segment, Taz went from being the best man to being revealed as the newest member of the Aces and Eights in the blink of an eye.

The one aspect of the Aces and Eights that can be improved upon is strengthening the brand. One way that would be accomplished is by the Aces and Eights having their own website, as the NWO did. The other way is by merchandising. Pro-wrestling fans wearing Aces and Eights branded merchandise at places other than wrestling events would expose the brand to new audiences. Brand relationships would also be improved- fans who are on the fence between supporting the group and thinking that they are a fad, would identify with the Aces and Eights better if they had Aces and Eights merchandise.

Remember, no one had any idea that the NWO would become as popular as it did. Excellent creativity gave the NWO appeal, but strong branding kept the appeal lasting- even today, wrestling fans wear NWO merchandise. How the Aces and Eights is branded now will make the difference between whether the faction will eventually fade into the past or will be remembered 10 years from now.


  1. it would be very intresting to make sting the leader of aces and eights

  2. Just in case you missed it- the leader of Aces and Eights was introduced this past September.

  3. I truly dislike them they are nothing but animals Brooke should have hit bully with the hammer in the nuts and head kmsl....they will meet there match one day hopefully....ijs

    1. Thanks for commenting my blog post. Some people support the Aces and Eights, while others hate them passionately. Everyone can agree however that the Aces and Eights have had fans talking about TNA more than they have in quite some time.