Tuesday, July 23, 2019

[Marvelous] A Marvelous Monday Fight Night 7/22/19

I attended Marvelous', "Monday Fight Night" on July 22 in Tokyo. Marvelous is a small promotion based in Chiba that does everything in a big way, with a screen over the wrestler entrance, smoke entrances, and overall great production quality. Great staff also. Marvelous frequently has shows in major cities in Japan, and even though their roster is small, that does not prevent Marvelous from presenting a great show every night. Marvelous is the brainchild of Chigusa Nagayo, a legend on the Japanese pro-wrestling scene. She also wrestled in WCW in 1996 as, "Zero".

One of the highlights of the show for me were the appearances by w-fix, a great heel faction. The fact that they are heels doesn't stop many fans from clapping their hands to the beat of their entrance theme song, "Out Of Control" by MAN WITH A MISSION & Zebrahead. DASH Chisako (who is actually a member of the Sendai Girls roster but appears frequently on Marvelous shows as a member of w-fix) and Megumi Yabushita represented the group in a match against Tomoko Watanabe and Yuu Yamagata, members of the LEVEL5 faction. w-fix and LEVEL5 have had many battles with each other, and LEVEL5 was victorious on this night. All four women are talented, and I am always especially impressed with DASH, who while she is one of the smaller wrestlers on the roster, has a more aggressive ring-style than most of them. Marvelous is wise to utilize this great talent as often as they can. Even if you are unfamiliar with the Japanese pro-wrestling scene, you may have still seen DASH, during her appearances in the UK and for SHIMMER and CHIKARA in the US. Yamagata is also someone who may be a familiar face with American fans from her appearances in SHIMMER, and she brings 18 years of experience to the ring.

Interestingly, there was w-fix faction participation in another match, but it involved the members facing each other in tag-team action, as w-fix' KAROU teamed with Samantha Heights against w-fix' Chikayo Nagashima and her partner for the night, Maria de la Rosa. Nagashima is a freelancer who has wrestled for many promotions including WAVE, where she won the Catch the Wave Best Performance Award in 2015. Maria de la Rosa is a wrestler from Spain who began wrestling in Japan this month for Sendai Girls and Marvelous. Samantha Heights has wrestled for many recognizable promotions over the past 6 years: Impact Wrestling, SHIMMER (where she currently is the Heart Of SHIMMER Champion), SHINE, WSU, JCW, and Sendai Girls. KAORU is a member of the Marvelous roster who has been very accomplished on the Japanese pro-wrestling scene over the past 32 years: Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion, 2-time AJW Tag Team Champion, 2-time Sendai Girls World Tag Team Champion, and JWP Tag Team Champion. She also appeared in WCW and CMLL in the 1990's.

This was a comedy-style match that provided plenty of laughs for the fans in attendance. All four women are capable of working a match of any style, especially KAORU, who is known as the, "Original Hardcore Queen", a reputation that she gained in the 1990's. She and Samantha Heights were the victors in this match.

Although Marvelous is primarily a women wrestler promotion, it also has a male division, which is called, "Marvelous Impact". Shunsuke Sayama and Leo Isaka faced each other in this night's Marvelous Impact match. Sayama is a freelancer who has also wrestled for companies such as NJPW, WAVE, and BJW. Isaka is a member of the Marvelous roster, but has also appeared in ZERO1 and WAVE. I think in time, the Marvelous Impact division will grow as it continues to draw talented men who are interested in getting involved with a division that is generally new and therefore offers the opportunity to become a major part of it. It definitely has gotten off to a good start with Isaka and the freelance talent that it has been bringing in for the past two years.

The main event was basically a match between the new blood of Marvelous and the established talent, as recent Marvelous graduates Maria, Mei Hoshizuki, and Mikoto Shindo faced former AJW Championship Nanae Takahashi, Sendai Girls World Champion Sareee, and Regina Di WAVE Champion Takumi Iroha. Currently one of the top names in Marvelous, Iroha has only just begun to show what she can accomplish in the industry. She along with Takahashi and Sareee faced tough competition in this match, as their three younger opponents came at them with a hungry, aggressive offense; but their dominant skill, strength, and experience won out, as Iroha picked up the win for her team after hitting Shindo with her, "Running Three" finisher and getting the pin. However, Maria, Hoshizuka, and Shindo did make it clear that they have bright futures in Marvelous.

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