Wednesday, December 14, 2022

[YPW] [RESULTS] Yanagase Pro Wrestling Akishimo Sanshaku- 12/10/22

One day after the Ladius event, the men's division of YPW was in action at SPORTS BAR M's Cafe for their Akishimo Sanshaku ("Autumn Frost Sanshaku") event.

In the first match of the night, Lowther and El Aquage teamed to face Yanagase Kamen Fuerza and Jack Kennedy.

The strongest wrestler in the ring, Jack Kennedy was undebatably an asset to his team in the power department.

Lowther and Yanagase Kamen Fuerza engaged in some impressive chain wrestling during their time in the ring with each other, skills that may be what have earned Lowther opportunities in DDT, AJPW, and BJW, and Yanagase Kamen Fuerza opportunities in ZERO1.

While Lowther was in control of the match, El Aquage tagged in, who then began working on Yanagase Kamen Fuerza.

Lowther and El Aquage tagged in and out to keep each other fresh while continuing to work on Yanagase Kamen Fuerza. This is a mark of a good tag team.

Yanagase Kamen Fuerza was eventually able to rally and hot-tagged Jack Kennedy, who cleaned house with bodyslams to both Lowther and El Aquage.

From there, the match went back and forth until Jack Kennedy delivered his, "Jacky Driver" finisher and pinned El Aquage for the win.

In the next match, Shinya Ishida went against Yasu Kubota.

Shinya Ishida has also appeared in DDT, AJPW, BJW, Ice Ribbon, and ZERO1.

Yasu Kubota is a member of the ZERO1 roster. He is also a former NWA International Lightweight Tag Team Champion.

Shinya Ishida and Yasu Kubota are very familiar with each other's styles having faced each other many times in YPW.

Both men very experienced and technically sound, this match was filled with holds and counters.

As the match progressed, the action became more intense and physical.

After many near-falls towards the end of the match, Shinya Ishida attempted a Low Superkick which was blocked by Yasu Kubota, who then rolled up Ishida for the win.

In the final match of the night, JADE faced Kenta Kosugi.

JADE has also wrestled in AJPW. Currently, he is a co-holder of the Chigasaki Pro Wrestling Twin Wave Tag Team Championship.

Kenta Kosugi has also appeared in BJW and ZERO1. Currently, he is Sui Pro Champion in the Shonan-based Seisho Pro-Wrestling promotion.

Tensions were high in this match, with JADE and Kenta Kosugi being quite familiar with each other from their previous matches in YPW. The match was very wild and physical to the extent that they battled into the crowd and were even outside of the venue at one point.

In the end, Kenta Kosugi came out on top after hitting JADE with a stiff standing clothesline and getting the three count.

This event is available to watch in full via TwitCasting until 12/24, 23:59 Japan Time! You can use a time zone converter to find out what time that is in your area.

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