Wednesday, January 18, 2023

BIG BLUE: The Place to Buy American Pro-wrestling Goods (WWE, AEW, NXT, PWG) While in Japan

There are many places to buy pro-wrestling goods in Japan. However, stores that mainly sell American pro-wrestling goods are not as easy to find. This is an issue because there are many people in Japan who are fans of WWE and AEW, as well as America's upper-level independent wrestling scene.

BIG BLUE is a pro-wrestling goods store that is perfect for these fans. It's located in Tokyo, but purchases can also be made via mail order. All of BIG BLUE's American pro-wrestling DVDs and Blu-rays are English versions, so all of them are in English. And if you want to pay by credit card, they not only accept Japan's JCB, but also VISA, Mastercard, Diner's Club, and American Express.

If you're interested in action figures, BIG BLUE has what you're looking for, whether you're a fan of WWE or AEW. If you want to relive WrestleMania 38 or have never seen SummerSlam 1992, they have those and many other WWE DVDs available. And they have many AEW DVDs available as well.

If you're more interested in wrestling-related apparel, you can choose from BIG BLUE's selection of clothing which includes AEW hoodies, and WWE/NXT-related clothing.

Perhaps you're also interested in popular independent promotions, such as PWG. BIG BLUE sells PWG DVDs and Blu-rays, and is currently accepting pre-orders for PWG's Battle of Los Angeles events that took place earlier this month, featuring AEW star Konosuke Takeshita, former IWS World Heavyweight Champion Mike Bailey, AEW star Bandido, AAA Mega Champion El Hijo del Vikingo, and many more.

Along with many other pro-wrestling goods, BIG BLUE also sells UFC, non-UFC MMA, and boxing goods as well. BIG BLUE is located at
2-chลme-16-8 Unoki, Ota City, Tokyo 146-0091

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