Thursday, January 26, 2023

[Online Wrestling Game] Wrassling

Created by game designer Colin Lane, Wrassling is a hilarious arcade game that was released in April 2015 and is an example of what it would look like if stick figures were wrestlers. Your stickman will battle amongst multiple other stickman wrestlers, everyone's arms swinging around, as they all attempt to throw each other out of the ring.

According to Apple's App Store description for Wrassling, the setting of this game is "Slamdovia", where "wrassling" is the official sport, and, "wrasslers" are regarded as the strongest athletes in the world. It would be very interesting to see what shape the non-wrasslers in Slamdovia are in, because all of the competitors have balance issues and difficulty picking each other up, which is what you would expect from one-legged stickman wrestlers.

While most of the wrasslers are slim in (wood) frame, there are some rotund competitors that also fall into the ring during the matches. They are the Bosses of the wrassling ring. Equally unbalanced but more powerful, the ring tilts and ropes collapse under the weight of these large wrasslers. There is an option in the game to play as a Boss.

Just as the competitors in the industry of pro-wrestling grunt and groan as they endure the rigors of a match, the pro-wrasslers of Slamdovia grunt as well, but in the Slamdovian dialect, their grunts sound like someone is passing gas.

Upon it's release in April 2015, Wrassling was ranked #3 in the US and Canada's sports category, with the game being downloaded over 30,000 times per day, and it made the list of the best iPhone and iPad games for that month on the Pocket Gamer website. By September 2017, Wrasslin reached 1 million downloads. It has been a success to the extent that after its release, Colin Lane was making enough money as a game designer to be able to pursue game designing full-time.

You can play Wrassling in your browser via free online games website Poki here.

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