Friday, August 11, 2023

How to Permanently Disable Efficiency Mode While Using Google Chrome

If you have been experiencing problems with Google Chrome freezing in recent months like I have while I've been writing posts, it might be because of Efficiency Mode. Efficiency Mode is a new feature in Windows 11 that's supposed to help save battery life and improve performance, but it can actually cause problems for some apps, including Chrome.

Efficiency Mode works by reducing the priority of background processes. But it can also cause problems for apps that you're using a lot, like Chrome. When Chrome is in Efficiency Mode, it can freeze, especially if you have a lot of tabs open.

Last month, I reset my laptop to remove Efficiency Mode. The process took hours, was time-consuming, and the fix was not permanent, because Windows eventually updated itself and reinstalled Efficiency Mode. However, there is a fix that is permanent, and can be done in minutes, even if you're not very familiar with laptops or computers. To permanently disable Efficiency Mode for Chrome:

1) Close Chrome
2) Right-click on the Chrome shortcut that is on your desktop
3) In the Target field, after Chrome.exe” make a space and then add this:
4) Click on “Apply” and then click on, "OK"
When you are asked to give administrator permission, click on, “Continue”
5) Open Chrome using the shortcut

You will now be able to use this shortcut to use Chrome without being interrupted by Efficiency Mode.

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