Sunday, October 22, 2023

How to Write a Compelling Wrestling Storyline

A compelling wrestling storyline is one that keeps fans engaged and invested in the outcome of the feud, with at least one of the wrestlers having something to gain or lose. The resolution of the feud should be one that satisfies the fans, since the goal of a business is to satisfy the customer, which in the pro-wrestling industry, is the fan.

When developing a compelling wrestling storyline, it must start with a strong concept. After choosing who the main wrestlers are, decide what is the core of the feud, what the wrestlers involved are attempting to achieve, and what at least one of the participants has to gain or lose. If the wrestler has something to gain or lose, they have a reason to care about the outcome of the feud, which means the fans will care as well, making the feud more intriguing and exciting for them. And of course, conflict should be the driving force behind the storyline, whether it's a clash of wills/ideals, or simply an attempt to prove who is better once and for all. This is what creates the drama and tension, giving the fans more reason to care.

Although it's not necessary, it may help to pencil out the beginning, middle, and end before executing the storyline, planning the incident that sets the storyline, and the major plot points that lead to the ending of the feud. However, keep in mind that unforeseen incidents can happen, such as one of the participants in the storyline getting injured.

Feature twists and turns in the storyline that will keep your fans guessing, keeping them engaged and invested in the outcome of the feud. Mystery storylines are great at accomplishing this. It's a genre that makes fans sit on the edges of their seats while they watch the storyline unfold, wondering what is going to happen next. After the show is over, they go online and speculate with fellow fans, the storyline's details still fresh in their minds. And most importantly, they come back for more.

No matter what genre the storyline is, balancing the pacing of the storyline is important. While it should be well thought out and not rushed so that it does not fall flat, the storyline should have enough momentum so that the fans stay engaged throughout it and don't lose interest as a result of the storyline dragging on.

Keep in mind that even though storylines play a large role in American pro-wrestling, the wrestling action is what your fans are mainly paying to see. So make sure that the storyline encapsulates the action that takes place in the ring, instead of replacing it.

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