Sunday, June 2, 2024

[WWE Speed][X] 6/5/24 Andrade vs. Karl Anderson

This Wednesday, June 5, 12 ET on the X platform will be the time and location for exciting action that will take place in three minutes or less, courtesy of the newest episode of WWE Speed, as Andrade goes against Karl Anderson! WWE Speed features a unique format of its matches having a three-minute limit as Superstars compete to decide who will advance to the next round in a No.1 Contender Tournament, with the Superstar who makes it to the final round receiving a shot at the WWE Speed Championship, currently held by Ricochet.

This will be a highly competitive match, as both Andrade and Karl Anderson's wrestling backgrounds make them a perfect fit for WWE Speed's style of fast-paced, high-energy action. A former WWE United States Champion, the beginnings of Andrade's career took place in Mexico, where the lucha libre style of high-flying moves and quick pins is a typical match. And although Anderson currently travels the world as a WWE Superstar, almost a decade of his career was based in Japan, where the puroresu style of throws, strong strikes, and submissions always have the potential to end a match quickly.

This might be the best WWE Speed Championship No.1 Contender Tournament match yet, as it will be a clash between two styles that, although they contrast, are both very suitable for the thrilling environment of WWE Speed! Who will emerge victorious and advance in the tournament? Find out in three minutes or less this Wednesday!

[UPDATED- match can be seen below]

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