Monday, July 1, 2024

[WWE Speed][X] 7/3/24 Xavier Woods vs. Nathan Frazer

This Wednesday, July 3rd, 12 ET on the X platform, veteran strategist Xavier Woods and rising star Nathan Frazer will collide in a WWE Speed Semifinals showdown! WWE Speed features a unique format of its matches having a three-minute limit as Superstars compete to decide who will advance to the next round, with the Superstar who makes it to the final round claiming a shot at the coveted WWE Speed Championship, currently held by Andrade.

Xavier Woods, who although he is a tag team specialist as a member of New Day, brings a wealth of ring experience that will help Woods strategize in this singles match, making every move count in a match where every second counts- expect him to attempt wearing Nathan Frazer down and capitalize on any openings that could potentially gain Woods a quick pinfall. Meanwhile, Frazer, as the younger of the two, will be willing to utilize the time limit to his advantage, going for quick takedowns and using his agility to stun Woods with innovative high-risk moves.

This match will be a thrilling chess match between experience and youth. Will the seasoned veteran Xavier Woods counter Nathan Frazer's athleticism, or will his youthful energy and combination of technical and aerial offenses overpower Woods' ring knowledge? With both Superstars possessing similar styles but unique movesets, this match is difficult to predict. Woods will likely dictate the pace of the match early, but being a former WWE NXT Heritage Cup Champion, Frazer's experience in the ring should not be underestimated. The result of the match will ultimately come down to who can adapt quicker and capitalize on their opponent's weaknesses. Don't miss the WWE Speed Semifinals to see who advances to the championship match!

[UPDATED- match can be seen below]

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