Thursday, July 4, 2024

[WWE Speed][X] 7/5/24 Andrade vs. Xavier Woods

This Friday, July 5, 12 ET on the X platform, Xavier Woods of New Day will receive the title shot that he's earned as a result of emerging victorious from the exciting No. 1 Contender's Tournament that took place, as he faces Andrade for the coveted WWE Speed Championship! This WWE Speed championship match will feature the unique WWE Speed Division format of having a five-minute limit, creating a fast-paced style.

Although no stranger to championship gold as a tag team specialist throughout Xavier Woods’ career, the WWE Speed Championship would be his first singles championship gold victory in WWE. In Woods' 20th year as a professional wrestler, will this Friday be the day that he accomplishes the championship goal that has eluded him thus far? Woods has successfully adjusted his high energy teamwork-oriented ring style to the solo, fast-paced singles match nature of the Speed Division, and when he steps into the ring with Andrade, Woods may be only five minutes or less away from claiming the WWE Speed Championship.

Meanwhile, Andrade stands at the top of the Speed Division with a lucha libre background that makes him a perfect fit for its non-stop action environment. And with his technical skills also an asset, Andrade doesn't plan on letting go of the WWE Speed Championship anytime soon. All of his championship successes in WWE have been as a singles wrestler, so adapting to the division was not an issue. Andrade intends on outmaneuvering and outwrestling Xavier Woods with ease.

This Friday, will Andrade's reign as WWE Speed Champion continue after successfully defending his championship against a hungry challenger? Or will Xavier Woods finally win singles championship gold and usher in a new era for the division?

Expect this to be an exhilarating championship match filled with strategy, high-flying action, and of course, SPEED, as Xavier Woods challenges Andrade with the WWE Speed Championship hanging in the balance!

[UPDATED- match can be seen below]

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