Monday, July 16, 2012

WROXER: Pro-Wrestling and MMA Meets Superheroes

With monthly PPVs, and weekly episodic programs that often garner the highest ratings on their respective networks, pro-wrestling is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Many pro-wrestling fans in recent years have also become fans of MMA, which too has grown into a major presence on PPV and network television. And of course, animation has always been a big part of entertainment culture.

Robert Dickman and, "IMPACT WRESTLING" Senior Producer/Editor Simon Edwards have joined together to combine all three of these entertainment genres, creating "WROXER", an animated story with the goal of teaching kids the art of adaption & navigtation of life's challenges through a Mixed Martial Arts Superhero & friends.

In "WROXER", an underdog MMA fighter leads a group of misfit superheroes known as, "THE CORE" against the evil “VOID” in a battle that will determine the fate of humanity. Members of both factions are created by orbs that are scattered across the globe. The orbs symbolize the power of adaption (whether for good or evil). Those who have a dominant positive spirit and comes into contact with an orb becomes a member of The Core, while those who have a dominant negative spirit and comes into contact with an orb becomes a member of The Void. To keep the universe in balance, each orb has the ability to create one hero and one villain. Also, the orbs empower each member with one of five earthly elements: fire, water, wind, life, and lightning.

The WROXER project is receiving strong involvement from the pro-wrestling industry. One of the characters ("Fission") is voiced by Abyss, and there are plans to unveil a WROXER character voiced by Kurt Angle. Also, many other members of the industry have been very supportive of the project via Twitter.

The main WROXER site ( introduces their world in a unique and entertaining way. Displaying images of colorful and interesting WROXER characters, the site is reminiscent of the official website of a wrestling promotion, providing profiles of the WROXER characters, as well as giving information regarding the latest goings-on. There is also a promotional video available for viewing on the site.

After checking out the site, visit the official WROXER Facebook page to connect with them. Also, follow them on Twitter (@wroxer) to stay up-to-date as this project continues to develop and new characters are created. WROXER is also open to hearing everyone's thoughts on their diverse project as it comes closer to completion.

The next stage for WROXER is to bring their project to life by turning it into an animated series that would be seen via network television or a similar distribution avenue. I watched WROXER's promotional video, and I was very impressed. WROXER CEO Robert Dickman and Executive Producer Simon Edwards have created a formula that would appeal to all pro-wrestling, MMA, and animation fans. Although children are WROXER's target audience, their product would be enjoyed by all ages. "WROXER" has the potential to be a hit. Hopefully a television network will be sharp enough to see that potential and help bring this innovative new project to fruition.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pro-Wrestling Schools

If you are serious about being a pro-wrestler, you need guidance and training from a reputable wrestling school. A useful tip is to look at a school’s rate of success. People enroll in training programs because they want to succeed in their chosen career. If a school doesn’t have former students who have wrestled for a major promotion, wrestled for an upper-level independent promotion, or wrestled internationally (or if the trainer themselves has not), then its training may be of poor quality.

In my eBook "Choosing a Great Pro-Wrestling School", you are given the best schools to go to, categorized by what your specific goal is. Some want to work for a major promotion in the United States. Others want to work for a promotion outside of the United States. Others simply want to wrestle, bottom line. No matter what your individual goal is, my eBook will direct you to the appropriate path.