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Archive Interview: Jeanne Basone ("Hollywood" from GLOW)

At age 17, Jeanne Basone was working in Burbank as a medical assistant, until she auditioned for GLOW and was picked to play the role of Hollywood" half of the villainous Hollywood and Vine tag-team. In recent years, Basone has been focusing on working as a stuntwoman, actress, and model, but she also worked for Wrestlicious in 2010.

Below is a 2001 interview that I conducted with Jeanne Basone. It was originally published on a media website named Pro Wrestling Daily, which was one of the many websites that I was writing for around that time. In this interview, Basone discusses GLOW, WOW, wrestlers of the WWE, the Hollywood character, and her pro-wrestling career.

Q: Why did you enter the pro-wrestling industry?

A: It was soo long ago, but I was good at what I did and wanted to learn more -- and I did!

Q: What was the best part about working for GLOW?

A: The wrestlers at GLOW and meeting & greeting the fans!

Q: What are your thoughts on the following former G.L.O.W. members:

A: VINE - A nice Canadian girl!

TINA FERRARI (now the WWF's Ivory) - I am very happy for her!

ASHLEY CARTIER - A babyface who was a great gal!

SALLY THE FARMER'S DAUGHTER - Another babyface trying to be a badgirl!

CHEYENNE CHER - Very sweet!

LIGHTNING - A great wrestler!

DAVID MCLANE - Interesting fellow.

Q: Which do you feel was your best match in GLOW?

A: The ones against the Farmer's Daughters.

Q: Which was your favorite match in GLOW?

A: The "Strip" match, the "Apartheid" match against Mt. Fiji, Lil Fiji, and Americana.

Q: Even though your wrestling career begin in GLOW, you have done a lot of wrestling since then. Did you gain the most valuable experience while you were in GLOW, or have you learned the most during the post-GLOW period of your career?

A: I learned my foundation there, but took classes with Gene Lebell for more grappling, self-defense material.

Q: Throughout the years, many female wrestling promotions have come and gone, but none of them made an impact like GLOW did. To this day, GLOW remains the all-time favorite of many women's wrestling fans. In your opinion, what was it about GLOW that has made it stand out from other female wrestling promotions?

A: Getting away with so much back then. It's different now!

Q: Were you a wrestling fan before you were involved with GLOW?

A: Nope!

Q: Comparing the view of female wrestling during the existence of GLOW to the view of female wrestling in the year 2001, do you feel that female wrestling is more respected? Also, do you feel that the quality of female wrestling has improved?

A: I feel it is respected somewhat and yes it has improved some!

Q: Are you at all interested in going to WOW, David McLane's newest female wrestling promotion?

A: I have not watched yet, I am not usually home on Saturday nights when it airs here!

Q: Do you think WOW has a bright future?

A: Same as GLOW had!

Q: Who is your favorite wrestler?

A: Rikishi.

Q: What do you like the most about being a pro-wrestler?

A: The power and knowledge.

Q: How much of JEANNE is a part of the Hollywood character? Or do you feel that Hollywood and Jeanne are like night and day?

A: They are pretty damn close, I just take Hollywood one step further.

Q: Who would you like to wrestle, that you have not yet done so?

A: Lita.

Q: You are multi-talented: actress, model, wrestler... Do you plan on continuing to wrestle for a long time to come or do plan on decreasing your involvement in wrestling and concentrating more on acting and modeling?

A: I am currently producing my own wrestling videos: "Hollywould Productions". I have 2 websites: and; I have modeled for several companies including Playboy 4 times. I will continue to wrestle for my companies as well as the others out there and touring for a while!

Q: What is your long-term goal?

A: Stay behind the camera and produce

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