Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mission: Mil Mascaras Makes his Return to the Big Screen

A four-time World champion and a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, Mil Mascaras is one of the most successful stars in lucha libre. He also has an established film career, having had starred in a multitude of luchador films. In 2014, Mascaras will add another film to his resume, as he stars in "Mission", a lucha libre/sci-film that will be produced and directed by C.M. Landrus.

The screenwriter of, "Mission" is Jeffrey Uhlmann, a filmaker who was also the screenwriter of the 2007 film, "Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy", which was the first Mascaras film to be produced in English, and is considered to be the best lucha libre film to date. "Mission" Producer/Director C.M. Landrus was involved with this film as well, working as a PA on the set.

The story of, "Mission" is that Mil Mascaras and the Professor, searching through the jungle for a meteorite, discover a village that has been ravaged by attacks. The remaining missionaries of the village lead them to an alien spaceship landing site, and it is up to Mascaras to uncover the dark truth behind the alien visit and save the human race from continuing attacks. Sharing the screen with Mascaras will be Naomi Grossman (in the role of "Nyah", an evil alien), the LA Weekly Theatre Award nominee who is best known for her work as, "Pepper" in the FX horror series, "American Horror Story: Asylum".

Currently, C.M. Landrus is running a Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for, "Mission". And she is not alone in this campaign. Naomi Grossman, lucha libre stars Los Chivos (Kayam & Enigma de Oro) and Cassandro el Exotico, wrestling promotions (Empire Wrestling Federation and Alternative Wrestling Show), members of the sci-fi media, and fans in Mexico, Japan, Columbia, France, Germany, and Taiwan have all been helping to spread the word to gain funding for the film. In return for contributing to the project, the campaign offers many perks, ranging from a shout out on the, "Mission" Facebook page, to the opportunity to be an Excecutive Producer of the film.

Everything else is already in place. Mil Mascaras has been cast, the script has been completed, and the location has been decided upon. In an attempt to create a film that is very similar to a graphic novel, "Mission" is very unlike a "Hollywood style" film, instead using natural settings (in Puerto Rico), tangible props, and using a minimal amount of computer graphics.

To stay up-to-date regarding, "Mission" and its progress, visit the film's official Facebook page, FilmBreak page, and follow their official Twitter page (@MissionMovie). I feel that, "Mission" is a film that has something for everyone. Lucha libre fans will be able to once again see Mil Mascaras bring his performing and wrestling talents to the big screen, sci-fi fans will enjoy the aliens aspect combined with mystery, and movie fans will enjoy the acting ability of Naomi Grossman that made her an, "American Horror Story" favorite. Taking all of that into consideration along with the fact that Producer/Director C.M. Landrus is very passionate about this project, I think, "Mission" has the potential to be the most successful Mil Mascaras film yet. However, "Mission" will not come to be unless it has the funding that it needs. So if you're a lucha libre/sci-fi/movie fan who wants to take part in creating a new addition to the Mil Mascaras legacy, your mission is to go to Indiegogo and contribute to the, "Mission" campaign.

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