Friday, December 20, 2013

What You Might Not Know about Hulk Hogan's Hostamania

As anyone who watches pro-wrestling knows, there are two main aspects of the business. One is the sizzle: Gimmicks and promos presented to gain interest. The other is the steak: The in-ring skills and the ability to work a crowd during a match. Hulk Hogan has taken that "sizzle" aspect of the pro-wrestling business and applied it to his newest business venture- a web hosting service named, "Hostamania". Surely, most of you have already heard about it. There is a commercial for it online featuring a voice-over with Hogan cutting a promo in the same style of his promos that have sold out arenas all over the world.

And being the consummate showman, Hulk Hogan is also in an online commercial for Hostamania that drew viewers and comments from around the globe, hitting YouTube like a "wrecking ball".

What many people may not know is that behind the "sizzle" of the promos and showmanship presented to draw attention to the Hostamania service, there is a lot "steak", and it comes in the form of the people who are working with Hulk Hogan to provide his web hosting service. The, "Hulk Hogan" brand is one of the most valuable brands in the world, and Hogan knows that- he doesn't associate his brand with just anyone. Hogan only associates his brand with reputable talents.

Working with Hulk Hogan on Hostamania is Tech Assets, Inc; a company that has been involved with the web hosting industry for over 15 years. Among the brands that they have worked with are Jumpline (their first web hosting brand), Christian Web Host, DomainRegi, OpenSourceHost, SendUser, ServFarm, WebIntellects, WPZilla, and the widely acclaimed APS Panel. Tech Assets Inc. currently provides web hosting solutions to over 150,000 business & personal websites.

If the speed of Hostamania's own website is an indicator of the speed of a customer's website, Hostamania is very competitive in the speed department. I went to Webpagetest and compared the website speed of Hostamania to Godaddy. While WebPageTest gave a PageSpeed score of 91/100, edged them out with a PageSpeed score of 92/100.

Also, Hostamania is partners with cPanel, with cPanel being its web hosting management platform- many of the top hosting providers use cPanel for this purpose. The physical infrastructure of Hostamania features very familiar names- its servers are from Dell, its networking equipment is from Cisco, and its backups are done by R1Soft.

The people who would benefit the most from choosing Hostamania as their web hosting service are those who run a small business and is looking for a quality service at a competitively low cost. So if you fall in that category, check out If Hulk Hogan is willing to put his brand of approval (a brand that's worth millions) on a product, that's all the proof that you really need that it's quality.

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