Friday, November 2, 2018

[HEAT UP][PREVIEW] 11/4/18

HEAT UP will be at the HEAT UP dojo in Kanagawa on November 4 with three great matches.

In the first match, Yu Iizuka will face Keito Murata. With Iizuka being at 22 years of age, and Murata being at 27 years of age, this will surely be an interesting match between two men who will be a part of pro-wresting's bright future.

In the second match, Red Eagle will face Inadaman. Red Eagle is currently doing his second tour of Japan, previously touring Japan this past June via HEAT UP.

In the third match, Tetsuya Izuchi will face Joji Otani. Both are currently HEAT UP mainstays, with both Izuchi and Otani also appearing this year in well known promotions including ZERO1 and WAVE.


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