Friday, March 15, 2019

Patricia Summerland ("Sunny" from GLOW) Interview 2019

Patricia Summerland ("Sunny" from GLOW) discusses her radio talk show, her new comic book, the current state of the pro-wrestling scene, her opinion on the new GLOW series, and more.

Q: It’s been about six years since our first interview. How have things been?

A: It has been great did 3 Afterglow Cruises and many Comic cons and moved to the Mtns. Also did 3 Theatrical Afterglow shows as Sunny and me now.

Q: You are currently one of the radio talk show hosts of American Adversaries. For those who are not familiar, what is American Adversaries about?

A: American Adversaries is about political facts and realities of this world, I cover all news in California and events.

Q: How did you become interested in broadcasting?

A: I went to School for public speaking, I always wanted to be a Host on a radio show or television. It came easy and natural to me on my first show, the American Adversaries reached out to me in 2012 for a celeb interview as Sunny the California Girl and then proceeded to ask me after my first show if I would do more segments as a regular on Sunday shows, I said yes I would love too, 7 years later still on the show and loving it of course I would love to find a paid Weekly gig at a Huge radio show . ๐Ÿ˜‰ But love my American Adversaries Family: Jeff Senas, Christopher Hart, Layr Adams, Nostra Dennis, Kathy Santomassino, Aubrey Khan.

Q: Since the first interview, you have gotten involved in the real estate industry. How did you become interested in real estate?

A: I became interested in real estate as I fell into that as an assistant up here where I live its really the only Lucrative jobs here, I'm no longer involved in it. I heart was not captured there.

Q: What sports, if any, have you been participating in outside of pro-wrestling?

A: I love all sports. I will never turn down a baseball or basketball / volleyball game..Or hiking. Love it all, that tom boy is still inside me and let's not forget boxing. I wish I still was training but my trainer passed away Forest Henry RIP and I have not picked up my gloves since.

Q: Do you still do pro-wrestling training?

A: I still get in the ring And wrestle here n there, I'm starting to train people now. I wont do anything off the 3rd turn buckle or flips from there. Everything else I will do.

Q: Squared Circle Comics is a creator of biographies of members of the pro-wrestling industry, and you will be the first GLOW Girl to be a part of this, giving input into the creation of your biography. How did this relationship come to be?

A: I'm the first female pro-wrestler To have My BIO comic book in the Squared Circle its my story and my input was involved from beginning to end. They contacted me and ask if I wanted to do it, and I said YES as it's going to help so many out there..Bullying and suicide in our world is a tragedy and so many have succumb to it...[The Squared Circle family) are a wonderful creative family to me now. Love them all, John Crowther, Rich Perotta and Blake Wilkie, and Kevin Laporte.

Q: There have been many changes on the female pro-wrestling scene since our first interview. What is your opinion on the current state of the scene?

A: I believe the wrestling scene is much better, the cross overs & selling is better, the Girl Power has Taken Over. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ช Keep on Glowing WWE / WOW / and more indy greats.

Q: What is your opinion on the current state of the pro-wrestling scene in general?

A: The current wrestling scene is better, but honestly I don't have time To get involved with it like I did when I was on AfterBuzz TV as a host for WWE SmackDown.

Q: Have you seen the GLOW series that is currently on Netflix, and if so, what is your opinion on it?

A: I love the GLOW Netflix season 1, okay season 2 better and look forward to season 3, after all its based on us ORIGINAL GLOW GIRLS its FICTION but its awesome to have a show paying homage to US. ๐ŸŒž

Q: What can we expect to see from you in coming months?

A: I'm working on Afterglow Series with is Original Glow Girls, Roxy Astor owns Afterglow. She is my buddy and partner in fame. Keep a look out for many more Sunny Adventures at many comic cons & news stations & much more and Cloudy is making some Appearances..Stay Tuned For My BIO COMIC BOOK and Bio book and movie series too!!

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