Tuesday, May 21, 2019

India's Wrestle Square

India is not known for its pro-wrestling scene, but a promotion there is attempting to change that. Making its debut in 2015, Wrestle Square is India's first independent wrestling promotion. Its roster features Indian talents such as Baliyan Akki (the first, and thus far, only Indian pro-wrestler in Japan), as well as talent from outside of Asia, such as Tyra, current Womens Champion Mephisto, current Cruiserweight Champion Dennis H Ladykiller, and current KingofRing Champion Arammir

In 2017, the Wrestle Square announced that they made history by hosting the biggest non-WWE live pro-wrestling event in India with over 5,000 fans in attendance, featuring wrestlers from all over the world.

Wrestle Square has its own training academy, where they groom their future stars.

This month, Wrestle Square began making their shows available online, and episode 2 can be seen in the video below. The matches are as follows:

Shane The Insane

Tag Team Championship match
Team Curfew
Maxim Risky

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