Thursday, June 27, 2019

Io Shirai's heel turn signifies time for a new, "Quest"

NXT viewers recently saw Io Shirai turn heel. With a new look and mindset, now would be a prime opportunity for her to be on the main WWE roster in a big way. This is not Io's first time as a heel- she began a run as a heel in 2016 while in the Japan-based Stardom, during which time Io also started her own heel faction, "Queen's Quest". When Io left Stardom to join WWE/NXT, Queen's Quest continued on, but the current WWE landscape presents a situation where the, "Genius of the Sky" turned, "Darkness of the Sky" can begin a new, "Quest" with which she can seek dominance on the main roster.

Of course, Io Shirai would desire to gain the Women's Championship for herself. But in order to truly be dominant in WWE, she would need to focus on other championships as well. And that is where Kairi Sane and Asuka would fit in the picture. Currently managed by Paige, The Kabuki Warriors have been in pursuit of the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship. However, Kairi and Asuka have fallen short of their goal thus far. It's commonly said that when a goal is not achieved, management is to blame. Going by that logic, now would be a good time for The Kabuki Warriors to begin, "The Quest" anew by dropping Paige and seeking new leadership by joining forces with Io.

At that point, there would be members of The Quest to go after all of the women's titles, but no faction can be truly dominant unless they go after the WWE Championship as well. Shinsuke Nakamura pursued the Championship from 2017-2018 but did not succeed in capturing it. As a part of "The Quest", Nakamura could renew his hunt for the Championship, this time with new allies.

The Quest could later broaden their focus to the WWE Intercontinental Championship, bringing Kushida into the fold upon his eventual elevation to the main roster. They could even turn their attention towards 205 Live's WWE Cruiserweight Championship, bringing Akira Tozawa on board- he captured the Championship before, surely he can do it again, this time as a member of The Quest.

The remaining title for The Quest to peruse would be the WWE Tag Team Championship. Similar to how Bullet Club eventually recruited a Japanese member into their faction in New Japan, it would now be time for The Quest to recruit non-Japanese members into their faction. And coincidentally, Club members Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson would fit well in this position as members of The Quest.

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