Saturday, August 3, 2019

[AgZ] Beginning 7/31/19

I attended AgZ', "Beginning" on July 31 in Tokyo. AgZ stands for "Actwres girl'Z", which is a small promotion based in Tokyo and presents shows there on a regular basis. This was my first time attending an AgZ event, and it definitely will not be my last. AgZ has been active for only four years, there is a lot of room for growth, and I see many ways that they can attain it.

AgZ is split into two rosters: Beginning and Colors. This was a Beginning event, but I had the opportunity to finally meet Mari of the Colors roster, who helped me in reserving a ticket for this event (thanks, Mari!). Although she was been wrestling for AgZ since last year, Mari's career began three years ago and she has wrestled for many other promotions in Japan, including PURE-J. I hope that I have the opportunity to see Mari in action as a part of AgZ' Colors brand in the near future.

In the first match, Himeka Arita and Misa Matsui faced each other in a match that was short yet still enabled both of them to show what they are capable of. Arita has only been wrestling for one year yet in that short span of time has wrestled for notable promotions such as ZERO1, AJPW, WAVE, PURE-J, and DDT. Matsui has not been wrestling as long but she too has wrestled for WAVE. At only 19 years old, Matsui has a lot of speed and energy in her favor, but it wasn't enough to overcome Arita's strength and advantage in experience, which led to Arita being the victor in this match.

The next match was a display of how AgZ utilizes experienced talent to help new talent as Cherry & Momo Tani faced Miyuki Takase & Momo Kohgo. While Tani and Kohgo are not very experienced, Cherry and Takase have impressive resumes, with Cherry bringing 15 years of experience wrestling in many companies all over the world, including CMLL, AAA, Stardom, WAVE (where she was a 2-time WAVE Tag Team Champion), SHIMMER, Sendai Girls, FMW, JWP, BJW, and DDT. While Takase has only wrestled for two years, she has appeared in AJPW, WAVE, JWP, and PURE-J. Tani and Kohgo having the opportunity to work with two wrestlers who have accomplished as much as Cherry and Takase have will help them learn what to do and not to do in the ring as the continue to progress in their careers. Takase & Kohgo were the winners of this match.

The next match was between Kakeru Sekiguchi and Maika Ozaki. Although a member of the AgZ Beginning roster, Sekiguchi has also appeared in other promotions such as WAVE and JWP. Quick, agile, and skilled, she is one of the Beginning standouts. As for Ozaki, she is a talent that who is not well known but SHOULD be, and has the potential to be a major part of the pro-wrestling scene. Young and powerful (she has a background in powerlifting), Ozaki is very impressive after having had wrestled for only 4 years so far. It is clear to me that she can take her career in any direction that she chooses, especially after Ozaki becomes better known and everyone sees what she is capable of and the potential that Ozaki has to become even better as her career continues. Ozaki was the winner of this match.

Next was another example of AgZ properly utilizing experienced talent, as Ayumi Hayashi & Yumiko Hotta went against Hanako Nakamori & Riko Kawabata. Hayashi and Kawabata have wrestled for less than one year. Meanwhile, Hotta brings over 3 decades of experience to the AgZ ring. Nakamori has been wrestling for 13 years and is a major part of PURE-J, where she is the current and 3-time PURE-J Openweight Champion. It was a learning experience for Hayashi and Kawabata as they both had the opportunity to wrestle the two veterans as well observe them wrestle each other. Nakamori & Kawabata were the winners in this match.

In the main event, Miku Aono & Reika Saiki faced Saori Anou & Tae Honma. All four women are talented, and the two standouts in this match were Saiki and Anou. Saiki is very powerful. She has wrestled for a variety of promotions in Japan, and at only 27 years of age, she will surely make a big name for herself on the pro-wrestling scene before her career ends many years from now. Anou is the current AgZ Champion and is also the current Princess Of Pro Wrestling Champion in PURE-J. With her speed and wrestling skill, she can do it all in the ring, and Anou is also the best at showmanship on the Beginning roster. She & Honma were the winners of this match.

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