Thursday, November 10, 2022

Available for Writing Work

I am available for writing work of all types. I specialize in wrestling writing, but write other genres as well. So far, I have also written in the sports industry, the computer game industry, the education industry, the staffing/recruiting industry, the bar industry, the sports merchandise industry, and the luxury bike industry. I am interested in also writing in other industries.

I have created, edited, and rewritten promotional content on websites and social media platforms, as well as designed, developed, and directed their web presence and brand identity. I also give advice on how a product or service can be improved.

I have also been a columnist, publicist, and contributor for pro-wrestling / sports entertainment websites that are based in the US, UK, and Canada.

I can be contacted via

This blog is now included in Google News, which has over 11 million visits every day, giving your product the opportunity to be promoted in front of millions.

You can read more about my work here:

You can see samples of my work here:

I graduated from university with a major in Business and a minor in Computer Applications, which makes me an asset not only as a writer but in a business and technological capacity as well.

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