Wednesday, February 15, 2023

[BRS] [PREVIEW] 2/23/23 Bull Armor Ring Service Event at Ikuno Civic Center (Osaka)

The self-proclaimed best ring-maker in the world, the Osaka-based Bull Armor Ring Service not only rents pro-wrestling rings but they also produce its own pro-wrestling events. BRS is represented by Bull Armor TAKUYA, who is most recognized from his appearances in DDT (where he won the DDT Iron Man Heavy Metal Championship) and DG.

BRS' next pro-wrestling event will take place on Thursday, February 23 at Ikuno Civic Center, with a 1:30 pm starting time. It will be BRS' first event this year.

The card will be as follows:

Oji Shiiba (as seen in Michinoku Pro, DG, and AJPW)
Tetsuya Goto (as seen in FMW-E)

Kenji Abe (as seen in DDT)
Bull Armor TAKUYA
Naoshi Sano (former DDT star)
801 Kenichi
Joker Fuyuki

"3 Way", match
Kanjyouro Matsuyama (as seen in Michinoku Pro, NOAH, DDT, BJW, DG, Ice Ribbon, Sendai Girls, WAVE, AJPW, WAVE, and PURE-J)
Raipachi Isobe
LINDA (as seen in Stardom and AJPW)

Yuki Shizuku (as seen in Michinoku Pro, Ice Ribbon, Sendai Girls, JWP, and FMW)

BRS Glory Championship
Yuji Yoshida (BRS Glory Champion)
JADE (as seen in AJPW)

Miss Mongol (as seen in Michinoku Pro, DDT, ZERO1, WAVE, PURE-J, FMW, AJW, and CMLL)
Sae (as seen in Ice Ribbon, ZERO1, WAVE, and PURE-J)
Miyu (as seen in Ice Ribbon and PURE-J)
Ancham (as seen in Stardom, DDT, Ice Ribbon, ZERO1, and WAVE)

You can get ticket information by contacting BRS on Twitter here.

More about Osaka

With a population of around 2.6 million, Osaka is called “the nation’s kitchen”, due to the city being popular for its food. For many years, Osaka was the capital of Japan. Today, the city has maintained its ancestral traditions, while also adding innovative technology. Osaka is also the birthplace of many well-known pro-wrestlers: Grand Slam Champion Asuka, AEW star Konosuke Takeshita, 4-time former BJW World Strong Heavyweight Champion Daisuke Sekimoto, and former Triple Crown Champion Zeus.

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