Thursday, June 8, 2023

The Future of Pro Wrestling in Japan

In my previous post, I discussed the possibility of a new major wrestling organization in Japan. Although it's true that there is a lot of potential for a new organization to succeed here, it cannot be denied there would be challenges for it to overcome, the biggest one being the major wrestling organizations that already exist in Japan.

The major wrestling organizations that exist today in Japan have been dominant for many years, with large & loyal fan bases, and many of them having TV deals and streaming services. Competing with them would not be a simple task.

Also, pro-wrestling is not as popular in Japan as it once was. While the 1993 Tokyo Dome event had an attendance of 63,500, this year's Tokyo Dome event drew 26,085. A couple of the reasons for this is competition from alternative forms of entertainment and Japan's demographics changing. A new major wrestling organization would have the task of reversing this decline.

Even with these challenges, I believe a new major wrestling organization can succeed in Japan. The pro-wrestling fan base is still large, and still very passionate. And along with that there are many talented independent/freelance wrestlers here. It's possible for a new organization to stand out from the other companies and connect with the fans, which means it can be successful.

One of the main ways that a new major wrestling organization could succeed in Japan is by focusing on the young and up-and-coming talents who are here and waiting for their chance to shine. A new organization would give them the platform to showcase their skills. Also, the new major organization could have a unique style, setting it apart from all the other companies in Japan.

And no matter how good the organization is, it would need to be marketed effectively so that it's visible to fans. What is written on the organization's website/blog and social media account would be important. One of the major goals for the organization should be to make as much money as possible. The key to doing that is knowing what style of advertising will make fans be willing to spend money. Not only would good advertising enable the organization to keep fans coming, but it also would draw new fans, increasing the amount of money the organization makes. A part of increasing the amount of money the organization makes is branching outside of its area. If the wrestling organization has shows available via streaming, it should add advertising that will attract interest from other areas of Japan, as well as from overseas. Even if the wrestling shows are not available via streaming, there's an opportunity to strengthen the organization's brand online, by providing writing that informs its target audience about the company and its shows, in a fashion that makes them interested in the product. Building a powerful brand for the wrestling organization is what leads to taking it to another level and experiencing things such as drawing good crowds at bigger venues, getting TV deals, and having successful DVD sales.

Being international in scope is also important. The Japanese wrestling scene is becoming increasingly international, and a new organization would benefit from being more international in its outlook. This would include being English-friendly, since English is the most widely spoken language in the world, with 1.5 billion speakers worldwide, and it being the official language in 40 countries.

There is a lot of potential for a new major wrestling organization to succeed in Japan. If a new major organization in Japan overcomes the challenges that it would face and connects with the fans, it would be successful.

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