Thursday, June 15, 2023

The Importance of Women's Wrestling in Japan

Women's wrestling has a long and storied history in Japan. From the early days of AJW in the late-1960s featuring talent such as former NWA Women's World Champion Yukiko Tomoe to the current day, Japanese woman wrestlers have consistently produced great matches and remain a vital part of the Japanese wrestling industry.

One reason is that many of the most popular wrestling organizations in Japan are women's wrestling organizations. Wrestling fans in and outside of Japan recognize Stardom, Ice Ribbon, Sendai Girls, and WAVE. They draw many fans in Japan to venues, and fans outside of Japan watch talented wrestlers from these organizations in action via streaming or DVD. Another reason is that women's wrestling can be a source of inspiration for many Japanese women. Women still face gender gaps here, but seeing women wrestling at the highest level can inspire young girls.

Recently, I wrote a post suggesting that a new major wrestling organization be created in Japan. This could help women's wrestling by giving more women a platform to wrestle at the highest level while raising the image of women's wrestling in Japan. And if it were an organization that focused on women's wrestling exclusively, a more level playing field for woman wrestlers would be created.

A new major wrestling organization would give woman wrestlers more exposure on television and in other media, helping to increase the popularity of women's wrestling and attracting more fans. It would also create more opportunities for women to wrestle, helping to raise the level of competition and making women's wrestling more exciting for fans.

And most importantly, a new major wrestling organization would generate more revenue, which could be used to improve the quality of women's wrestling by investing in better training facilities, hiring more great trainers, and paying woman wrestlers more money.

With Japanese women's wrestling currently on the international stage, its future is bright. And a new major wrestling organization would be a positive development for women's wrestling by enabling it to reach even greater heights.

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