Friday, December 22, 2023

Fast Meat Missing: Slim Jim's Custom Nissan Z Stolen

Slim Jim has reached out to its fans and car enthusiasts with the news that its custom Nissan Z, known as "Fast Meat", has been stolen. This unique vehicle, a collaboration between Slim Jim and WWE, has been drawing much attention across the United States in recent months, including when it stopped in Chicago for Survivor Series: War Games last month. Fast Meat features a fiery exterior, sleek custom yellow leather interior, and many Slim Jim-themed touches, including an exclusive on-the-go snack holder and a hidden glove box dispenser stocked with meat sticks.

Heading to Los Angeles for a video shoot, Fast Meat was last seen in California before it disappeared sometime before December 19th. While the Los Angeles Police Department is actively investigating, Slim Jim has called on its community to help spread awareness and potentially recover Fast Meat. If you have any information or see Fast Meat, you can contact the LAPD with a tip through their online portal. Sharing this post on social media using the hashtag that Slim Jim has started would help as well: #FINDFASTMEAT

A symbol of Slim Jim's partnership with WWE, Fast Meat is a valuable asset. The two brands have shared a history for decades, with Slim Jim sponsoring WWE events featuring wrestlers in commercials, most notably legend Randy Savage. Today, WWE-themed Slim Jim commercials feature the longest-reigining WWE Women's Champion in history Bianca Belair, and fellow WWE Superstar LA Knight.

This renewed partnership officially began in August of this year and is the largest sponsorship deal in WWE history. The collaboration is multi-layered and includes Slim Jim serving as the presenting sponsor for main event matches at major WWE Premium Live Events, collaborating with WWE Superstars to create custom video content/social media activations/online sweepstakes, and Fast Meat appearing at WWE Premium Live Events, representing the partnership.

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