Saturday, December 30, 2023

How Tech is Rebooting Live Wrestling Events

Since the 1990s, bright lights and smoke machines have been used to add excitement to a live wrestling event. But as we saw when the futuristic WWE ThunderDome was introduced in 2020, what lies ahead is an era where those effects will be replaced by drones and lasers. Always an industry leader in whatever new space it decides to experiment in, WWE currently uses augmented reality (AR) graphics during wrestler entrances. And that could just be the beginning.

Imagine attending a live event in the future, and before the show begins, the same type of drone light show that was presented during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics opening ceremony, instead being displayed on a wrestling ring. Or hundreds of synchronized drones during an outdoor wrestling event, painting the air with vibrant patterns, swirling in formation as wrestlers execute high-flying maneuvers, and unleashing bursts of light to amplify every slam and finisher. The crowd's roar would trigger dazzling firework displays, not from pyrotechnics, but from holographic projections that burst from the ring itself.

"Vader Immortal" is a virtual reality adventure game that involves stepping into the Star Wars universe. Imagine that level of world-building and emotional connection applied to live wrestling, transporting you into the heart of the event.

For example, imagine walking through a haunted graveyard as you enter the venue for the Halloween-themed NXT Halloween Havoc event.

This isn't merely a hypothetical scenario; it's a possibility that draws inspiration from existing technologies and creative experiences, hinting at a future where wrestling events become fully immersive and tech-powered.

When it's time for the first match, the wrestlers make their entrances, enhanced by AR effects. Remember, this part isn't something that will happen in the future- it's happening right now. But then add to that being able to point your phone at the ring during a match and see the wrestlers' stats and bios. This would be done using digital data called AR overlay, that appear on top of what we see in the real world through a phone's camera. AR overlay is a technology that already exists today, and is used in video games like Pokemon Go. It's only a matter of time before it is utilized in the pro-wrestling industry.

Some people may wonder "Why?", and the answer is simple. In a world filled with digital entertainment, the wrestling industry is always looking for ways to stand out more. Of course, this high-tech revolution isn't without its skeptics. Some argue that using a lot of technology can distract and overshadow the pro-wrestling product itself. However, the benefits are undeniable. Tech-enhanced shows can attract new audiences, open up creative possibilities for storyline writing, and even generate new revenue streams. The future of live wrestling will be a synergy of action and technology, with boundless potential.

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