Friday, January 5, 2024

Wrestler Spotlight: Ayumu Gunji - The Technical Heart of Michinoku Pro

Ayumu Gunji is a name synonymous with his technical wrestling style combined with being a drunk character who drinks sake before his matches and displays wild facial expressions that entertain Michinoku Pro fans. Hailing from Akita, Japan, Gunji has carved his niche in the company by being a showman unlike any other in Michinoku Pro.

Ayumu Gunji showed athletic ability even before becoming a professional wrestler, with a background in baseball, handball, and futsal. In the end, professional wrestling was his chosen path, the best fit for his combination of athleticism and showmanship. Gunji's career began in 2012 after being trained in the Michinoku Pro Dojo, and Michinoku Pro has been his home promotion ever since.

Ayumu Gunji's mastery lies in his technical wrestling. He's a master of submissions and mat work, able to get one step ahead of his opponents and control the pace of a match, wearing them down with pinpoint precision. This sets him apart from many of his Michinoku Pro peers known for their movesets based on speed and agility, further showing how truly unique Michinoku Pro is and has something for everyone.

But Ayumu Gunji is not only technical in the ring. Behind the scenes, he is the video and sound manager of Michinoku Pro, ensuring the smooth execution of the company's events, including "Michinoku Pro Wrestling LIVE", which is streamed on YouTube and also known as, "GunjiTV".

Ayumu Gunji's technical skills and attention to detail translate seamlessly from inside the ring to outside the ring, making him a true technical "heart" of the company.

Outside of the pro-wrestling industry, Ayumu Gunji focuses on his other passion- introducing people to Ugo, a town located in Akita. Gunji is the "official" Ugo tourism promotion ambassador, and he uses social media to show everything that Ugo has to offer.

During Ayumu Gunji's pro-wrestling career in Michinoku Pro, he has been very successful on the tag-team scene, holding the Tohoku Tag Team Championship on two occasions, as well as the UWA World Tag Team Championship. Recently, Gunji was amongst a group of young wrestlers who collectively considered themselves to be the new generation of Michinoku Pro and feuded with what was considered to be the current generation of the company, which indicates that Gunji has a strong desire to be at the top of the Michinoku Pro mountain again, and perhaps in the singles division this time. With 11 years of experience in the industry, he definitely has the tools to make that happen, as Gunji continues to be dedicated to his craft.

So the next time you see Ayumu Gunji coming to ring with an alcoholic beverage in hand and appearing to be drunk, keep in mind that there's more than meets the eye. He's a skilled wrestler and just as talented in the production room- Ayumu Gunji is the technical heart of Michinoku Pro.

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