Sunday, February 4, 2024

[DIANA LIVE] World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana on 2/9 LIVE

Active since 2011 and founded by former WWWA Champion Kyoko Inoue, World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana features a mix of legends and new-generation talent, making it a promotion that has something for everyone who enjoys women's wrestling. On Friday, February 9th, the women of Diana will be in action for "Diana Future Sight Vol. 18", an event produced by World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana World Champion and former World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana Tag Team Champion Haruka Umesaki. It will start at 19:00 Japan Time, and it will be broadcast via DIANA Live, the promotion's own live streaming service.

The card will be as follows:

Yuma Makoto
Makoto (former International Ribbon Tag Team Champion)
Mizuki Kato
Maika Ozaki (former International Ribbon Tag Team Champion)

"Haruka Umesaki Costume", match
Miran (as seen in Stardom, Ice Ribbon, and PURE-J)
Risa Sera (former International Ribbon Tag Team Champion)
Natsu Sumire (former Stardom star)
Kaho Kobayashi (former WAVE Tag Team Champion)

Nanami (World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana Crystal Champion)
Honoka (WAVE star)

Haruka Umesaki
Miyuki Takase (former WAVE Tag Team Champion)
Ayame Sasamura (former Sendai Girls star)
Himiko (as seen in ZERO1, Ice Ribbon, WAVE, and PURE-J)

And after you've watched "Diana Future Sight Vol. 18", check out the January 28 World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana event that was broadcast live on DIANA Live.

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