Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Wrestler Spotlight: Yasutaka Oosera - A Part of Michinoku Pro’s Bright Future

Yasutaka Oosera has been wrestling in Michinoku Pro ever since his 2017 debut and is the head trainer in the Michinoku Pro Dojo. Oosera is a protรฉgรฉ of legend Dick Togo, who became the first Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion in the company’s history, so it's safe to say that Oosera has the tools needed to be a part of Michinoku Pro's bright future both in the ring and behind the scenes.

Still young, Yasutaka Oosera has a moveset beyond his years as a result of receiving great training, and Oosera presents an understanding of the ring that is similar to a seasoned veteran's. His technical wrestling style enables him to be competitive in matches with opponents of any level of experience, as Oosera manipulates their strengths and weaknesses, and gains the advantage in matches through calculated counters and well-timed submissions.

Although Yasutaka Oosera is equally capable in singles and tag team matches, he is most often seen showing his teamwork and chemistry with other wrestlers in tag team action. In fact, Oosera recently was amongst a group of young wrestlers who collectively considered themselves to be the new generation of Michinoku Pro and feuded with what was considered to be the current generation of the company, and he often teamed with his fellow members for matches during this feud. And win or lose, Oosera always left a lasting impression on fans.

On February 27, 2024, Yasutaka Oosera celebrated his 7th anniversary as a professional wrestler with a Michinoku Pro-hosted event in Oosera's birth prefecture of Osaka. His opponent at this event was Dick Togo, which made their match one between student and teacher.

Yasutaka Oosera's seven years in the pro-wrestling industry is a testament to his dedication to it, and surely there will be many more years to follow.

And Yasutaka Oosera is an asset to Michinoku Pro not only for what he does in the ring, but also outside of it. As the head trainer in the Michinoku Pro Dojo, Oosera uses his technical skills, ability to easily adapt to singles and tag team matches no matter the partner or opponent, and dedication to prepare the future generation of Michinoku Pro for the challenges of the ring. By the time Oosera's wrestling career is over, which likely will be far away from now, he will have left his mark in Michinoku Pro as a wrestler who not only entertains fans today, but also as a trainer who developed the wrestlers of the future who will entertain those same fans for many years after he hangs up his boots.

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