Sunday, March 24, 2024

[YPW] Owner Yuhara Birthday Special 3/29/24 at SPORTS BAR M's Cafe (Gifu)

In 2017, Maki Yuhara launched Yanagase Pro Wrestling, a promotion based in Gifu, Japan, where it presents three events per month at SPORTS BAR M's Cafe (3 Chome-9 Yanagasedori, Gifu). This Friday, March 29 at 8:00 pm (doors open at 7:30pm), it will be the site of Yuhara's birthday celebration.

Two matches will take place during this special event, featuring wrestlers who frequently appear in Yanagase Pro Wrestling. One of the matches will be between M's Man, a member of the YPW roster, and Yusaku Ito (as seen in BJW, Ice Ribbon, and WAVE).

The other match will involve two more members of the Yanagase Pro Wrestling roster, as Jack Kennedy (as seen in DDT, BJW, and ZERO1) will go against Mari Manji, one of the key members of YPW's ladies' division (Ladius). Manji helped Kennedy with his training many times, so not only will it be a match between two YPW favorites, but it will also be student vs. teacher.

You can get ticket information by contacting YPW on Twitter here, by contacting Jack Kennedy on Twitter here, or by contacting Mari Manji on Twitter here.

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