Monday, May 13, 2024

[Michinoku Pro] The Return of Fukumen World League!

After being postponed since 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19 on wrestling in Japan, Fukumen World League (which translates to, "Masked World League") returns this year! Featuring masked talents from around the world, this tournament hosted by Michinoku Pro is one of the most distinctive tournaments in the industry!

Fukumen World League 7 will take place across three different locations in Japan:

Friday, October 11th (6:30 PM) at the Korakuen Hall (Tokyo)
Saturday, October 12th (6:00 PM) at Hills Hotel Michinoku Hall (Sendai)
Sunday, October 13th (1:00 PM) at Iwate Yahaba Town Citizens General Gymnasium
(Participants to be announced in the near future)

The inaugural Fukumen World League tournament took place in 1995, and since then many famous wrestlers have won the tournament, including Dos Caras, Tiger Mask, Atlantis, The Great Sasuke, and Caristico. This has caused speculation regarding who the participants for Fukumen World League 7 will be. The opportunity to be involved in the tournament is appealing to wrestlers both in and outside of Japan. Will there be appearances by wrestling legends? Which current-generation wrestlers will be participating? Will international stars be involved? All will be revealed as we get closer to a tournament that promises fast, innovative, high-flying action.

Michinoku Pro's unique style of wrestling action that spotlights athleticism makes it a safe bet that Fukumen World League 7 will be one of the most exciting wrestling tournaments this year. There will be more updates in the upcoming weeks and months.

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