Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hulk Hogan: Future TNA World Heavyweight Champion?

Although most dirt sites/sheets are usually about as reliable as a wet paper bag, I do read them from time to time. And a rumor that has been popping up this year is that Hulk Hogan may be stepping back into the ring in the near future, and may become TNA World Heavyweight Champion. This has been a topic of much debate, especially considering the fact that he has been dealing with physical issues in recent times. I think what most people fail to realize is that here in the United States, Hogan is more of a worker than a wrestler (as opposed to in Japan, where he was more of a wrestler than a worker), and that's what appeals to most American pro-wrestling fans. Hogan has the ability to draw fans to venues just to see him, so it's not necessary for Hogan to wrestle to the point of potential serious injury in order to give fans their money's worth.

Another important point is that even if Hulk Hogan were TNA World Heavyweight Champion for only 4 - 7 days, it would be a boost to TNA's image. Not only is he still the biggest name in pro-wrestling, but Hulk Hogan is also one of the biggest names in the world. Putting the Championship on him would garner TNA headline attention from the pro-wrestling media, and likely from mainstream media outlets including ESPN (which spotlights Hogan every year during TNA's annual Bound for Glory publicity tour).

Having Hulk Hogan as a part of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship lineage would be a positive for the company for years to come. The Hulk Hogan brand is a valuable one, and it is currently associated with only two World Championships: WWE and WCW. Hogan as TNA World Heavyweight Champion would add TNA to that exclusive list. It should also be noted that both WWE and WCW are the only two promotions in pro-wrestling history that have been at the top of the industry, and Hogan has never been TNA World Heavyweight Champion. More than a coincidence perhaps?

Also, it would be a positive for the individual that Hulk Hogan would drop the TNA Heavyweight Championship to. Whether it's Hogan at age 30 or Hogan at age 59 and beyond, getting the rub by pinning the biggest name in pro-wrestling history and becoming Champion would surely be a morale boost for any pro-wrestler.

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